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What jobs can you get with an Arts degree?

The short answer: Lots.
Employees who bring creativity to the workplace, who think strategically in their roles, problem-solve effectively on the fly, and communicate with diverse groups of people, are no longer nice-to-haves: they're essential. And they're in-demand.

Whenever the employability of an Arts degrees is questioned, we're baffled.

Why are we baffled? Consider these facts:

  • The humanities and social sciences supply two thirds of Australia’s workforce°
  • The Bachelor of Arts is the most common degree among non-executive directors of Australia's 100 biggest public companies~
  • 67.6% of the CEOs of ASX200 companies undertook a social science degreeº

Surprised? We're not. Arts degrees prepare you for careers as exciting as they are wide-ranging. 

Check out a handful of our recent Arts grads – just a few years removed from graduation day - doing interesting things in the real world.


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