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Events and resources for prospective students

Discover where your passion lies
Whether you're a high school or university student, a graduate mid-career, in Sydney, interstate, overseas, or online: we'd love to meet you.

Come along to our events throughout the year to explore the many options available within the Arts and Social Sciences and find out what it's like to study at the University of Sydney. 

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Master of Human Rights: The UN at 75: Challenges of Building Peace and Human Rights

Monday 9 November, 5-6pm AEDT

2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the founding of the UN. Academics from the Master of Peace and Conflict Studies and Master of Human Rights offer critical perspectives on the UN, its achievements and challenges. We will look at the evolution of UN peacebuilding practice from the imposition of a liberal democratic one-size-fits-all model to more locally-driven, context-specific approaches to sustaining peace.

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Master of Health Communications: Improving Equitability and Inclusiveness in Healthcare and Promotion

Tuesday 10 November, 5-6pm AEDT

Join us to explore micro-and macro-level approaches to health (behaviour) communication that inform the design and implementation of health campaigns, any planned and unplanned effects of those, and how to assess their effectiveness. You will gain a practical and critical understanding of the role communication plays in healthcare and promotion efforts and experience what it's like to study in the Master of Health Communications.

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Master of Public Policy: Public Policy and the Real World

Wednesday 11 November, 5-6pm AEDT

Sample some of the concepts and questions that real-world policymakers grapple with, including 'what is public policy?' Find out what a policy process looks like, how and why policies are chosen by governments and learn the difference between policy, administration, regulation and governance.

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Master of International Relations/Master of International Securities: Intervention in a World of 'Fragile' States

Thursday 12 November, 5-6pm AEDT

We're told that fragile states are dangerous, not only to the wellbeing of their citizens but to the security of the world. These are places where violence, poverty, and disease are prevalent and where the state lacks the will or capacity to contain them. In this masterclass, we will consider how such interventions look to people living in fragile states, exploring the ways that they are seen to perpetuate the threats they purport to diminish.

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Master of Economics: The Economics of Pandemics 

Thursday 12 November, 5:30-6:30pm AEDT

The Covid-19 Pandemic is the largest economic event in world history since the Great Depression.  In this Masterclass for people considering enrolling in the Master of Economics, we will discuss how economics helps us understand what happened, what could have happened, and what we can do now.    

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Undergraduate webinar: Which Music degree is right for me? 

Tuesday 24 November, 5-6pm AEDT

Are you considering studying Music, but unsure of which degree to choose and what careers it could lead to? Don't miss this opportunity to find out about your options at the Conservatorium and hear from Con students and alumni about their experiences.

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Undergraduate webinar: Commerce and Economics - which degree is right for me? 

Wednesday 25 November, 5:30-6:30pm AEDT

Join this inspiring panel discussion and hear from University of Sydney students and alumni who will highlight the differences between commerce and economics, share their experience and career insights and help you make the right choice about what to study.

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Webinar recordings

  • All things Sydney (14 minutes) an overview of the University and an introduction to our degrees, study areas, student life, scholarships, admission pathways and application process.
  • Student life (14 minutes) find out how to get the most out of your university experience through our clubs and societies, student events and support services.
  • Scholarships (22 minutes) learn about our main scholarships and get some tips on how and when to apply.
  • Admission pathways (17 minutes) we know that your ATAR isn’t always the best measure of your potential, learn more about our pathways and admission schemes.
  • Early Offer Year 12 (E12) Scheme (19 minutes) learn more about this Schools Recommendations Scheme and how to apply.
  • Year 10 information session (62 minutes) learn everything you need to know about university while in Year 10.
  • Study abroad and student exchange (10 minutes) discover the opportunities available and hear from a student who studied overseas.
  • Uni 101 and advanced studies (26 minutes) learn about the basics of university and our Bachelor of Advanced Studies.
  • Economics at Sydney (24 minutes) find out more about the range of economics degrees and the opportunities that related skillsets may bring.
  • Languages at Sydney (playlist) get a taste of all the languages you can study at uni.

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