Balancing tech efficiency with innovation

11 April 2017
Innovation is key to survival
Companies that fail to act on the insights revealed by the wealth of data they gathered through their own IT systems run the risk of falling victim to the age of digital disruption.

Research highlights: Balancing tech efficiency with innovation

Dr Sebastian Boell, a specialist in business information systems, has been researching the evolution of information technology from information to innovation. According to Dr Boell, successful organisations are those that have managed to balance what they’re doing more efficiently with IT, while at the same time use IT to be innovative – to be a market leader and come up with new ways of doing things.

While having the right data is important, Dr Boell’s research reveals that organisations also need to foster a culture that is open to the insights arising from it and willing to adapt and innovate as required.

Dr Boell says it's more important than ever for companies to innovate in order to survive in this age of digital disruption that is rendering much of the traditional marketplace obsolete.

Organisations generally introduce IT systems in order to make their operations like processing customers’ orders or salary payments more efficient. But these systems also provide insights that help companies to innovate and reinvent themselves over time.
Dr Sebastian Boell

Published work

Boell, Sebastian K. (2017). Information: Fundamental positions and their implications for information systems research, education and practiceInformation and Organization, 27(1), 1-16.