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Jessie Hu

Why study professional accounting at the University of Sydney?

Develop the skills to become an accounting leader
With a focus on employability skills, accounting fundamentals and connections with industry, our Master of Professional Accounting is designed to produce graduates with the experience, ethics and vision to lead.

The Master of Professional Accounting is a pre-experience program designed for students who have recently completed their undergraduate degree or who are seeking a career change to professional accounting.

The program has a long tradition of excellence in accounting education and research, maintained through strong engagement with the profession, leading enterprises and industry.

Students of the Master of Professional Accounting will be able to develop the knowledge and expertise required to future-proof their career in professional accounting and undertake advanced learning in both theory and professional practice to solve accounting and business problems in innovative ways.

Develop the skills employers want

A quarter of employers have difficulty filling entry-level jobs because applicants lack the soft skills to succeed in business.1 To prepare you for the needs of the workplace, the Master of Professional Accounting develops employability skills alongside the fundamentals of professional accounting.

Our core units of study will build your experience in professional pactice as well as the theoretical know-how, data analysis and leaderships skills required to thrive in a rapidly changing business environment.

And through the unique foundation unit Succeeding in the Accounting Profession, you'll develop the interpersonal and leadership skills highly sought after by employers.

Pradeesh Nair

Pradeesh Nair
Technology Lead at Broadridge, Master of Professional Accounting '19
"In addition to gaining technical skills, the Master of Professional Accounting prepared me for a job through learning how to present myself and form networks with people from different backgrounds and fields. All of this adds up when you’re looking for a job after graduation."

Draw insights from data

In today's data-rich business environment, the ability to accurately and effectively analyse data is crucial.

The elective unit Visual Data Analytics will teach you how to analyse business-related data and complex high-dimensional data. You will learn to apply these skills through real-world applications including visualising financial statements, supply chain data, and more.

Become an ethical and responsible leader

As a signatory of the United Nations' Principles for Responsible Management Education, the University of Sydney Business School is committed to producing graduates who will shape a better future for business and humanity.

Through the Master of Professional Accounting capstone unit, Corporate Governance and Accountability, you will work on an internationally focussed case study to explore the central relationships and practices upon which effective governance and accountability depend.

The capstone also allows you to investigate wider issues of corporate social responsibility in relation to the globalisation of product and capital markets, as well as issues relating to climate change.

Adam Aziz

Adam Aziz
Associate (Audit and Assurance) at Deloitte, Master of Professional Accounting '16
"As an accountant working within the audit and assurance sphere, it is evident that leadership responsibilities are embedded at all levels. Accountants and auditors help protect the fabric of trust and hence are expected to lead by example in the application of their knowledge and conduct in society."

Build a degree that works for you

In addition to completing foundational units and advanced units to truly cover the breadth and depth of professional accounting, you will also be able to choose two electives as part of your Master of Professional Accounting program.

With classes on everything from Accounting Information Systems and Advanced Financial Reporting to International Financial Crime and Taxation Law and Practice, our Master of Professional Accounting offers you a wide range of topics to suit your interests and goals.

Alternatively, if a 2 year master's program isn't quite right for you, perhaps the 1 year Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting is your next step?

Mik K. Mo

Mik Mok
Senior Corporate Tax Consultant at KPMG, Master of Professional Accounting '19
"I chose to study at the University of Sydney Business School because of the full range of subjects the Master of Professional Accounting offers: not only accounting subjects, but also finance, law, economics and even IT system implementations."

Become professionally accredited

Our Master of Professional Accounting is the University of Sydney's pathway to accounting accreditation, meeting the requirements for professional accounting accreditation with the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ) and Certified Practicing Accountants (CPA) of Australia. It also meets the requirements of the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA).

Boost your employability

Gain access to specialised career services through the Careers and Employability Office, who are committed to helping you achieve your career aspirations.

They can help you plan your career, develop your career decision-making skills, tailor your resume and job applications, engage in experiential recruitment activities such as mock interviews and assessment centres, and connect you with top graduate recruiters and corporate partners.

We also offer the award-winning free Job Smart program, which enables international students to gain the skills and professional experience to gain employment when they graduate.

Jessie Hu

Jessie Hu
Senior Accountant at KPMG, Master of Professional Accounting '15
"The soft skills I learned from opportunities like the Industry Placement Program not only helped me to pass the interview easily, but excel at my work as an auditor at KPMG."

Learn from high calibre academics

Learn from some of the best educators in the world. Gain insight from academics whose research has directly impacted practice. Our diverse teaching cohort will transform your education.

Meet a few of the leading academics who teach into our accounting programs.

Graduate in high demand from a top-ranked university

The labour market for accountants is at an all-time high, with strong growth projected over the next five years.2 With a Master of Professional Accounting, you'll enter this rapidly expanding sector in high demand:

  • our Accounting and Finance subject areas are ranked #21 in the world
  • the University of Sydney is ranked #1 in Australia and #4 in the world for graduate employability

Visit the Master of Professional Accounting page for more information about the course or how to apply.

15 March 2019

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