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MBA Student Profile: Kenny Sun

2 October 2019
Written by Kenny Sun

MBA student, Kenny Sun sheds light on how the MBA program has helped him recognise endless career possibilities.

Image of Kenny Sun

The dream, potential and possibility

When I was 16 years old, I never thought I would study abroad in Australia. After graduating, I never thought I would join one of the leading international banks and become one of their management trainees working in four cities across Asia. I never thought I would return to Australia and join one of the largest non-bank financial institutions in the country, working in capital markets.

Life is so unpredictable, and the future is unknown, but you can achieve what you firmly believe, with strong will. With the aim of improving Chinese investments in Australia, I made the brave decision to establish my own investment and management company. My aim was to build an investment bridge to help Chinese investors including new Chinese migrants to understand the Australian market and provide them with wealth management advisory.

Future Anything is like the growth of Chinese economy

No one would believe that China, a big and ancient country would become the second largest GDP country. This was not made possible by the help from any country, nor from the explosion of technology or natural resource. Rather, it was thanks to individual diligent Chinese workers through their hard working and sacrifice.

No one can shape the future but yourself

The MBA program not only equipped me the managerial knowledge but also provided me with the opportunity to have access to an elite group of industry experts. The program inspired me to be a leader and critical thinker where I learnt how to systematically unpack complex issues and to perceive logic over fact.

As a promoter and facilitator of investment opportunities and culture for China and Australia, the MBA program taught me how to deal with complex issues cross-culturally. The MBA also offered a specific private equity investment subject which matched my current career aspirations. It also invited industry leaders to speak to us which provided me the opportunity to network.

From a young international student to a founder of multi-culture and cross broader investment company, the future has no restrictions. It is decided by yourself.

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