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The Marketing Commute to feature world's leading marketers

8 November 2019
Discipline of Marketing and KPMG launch new marketing podcast
Australia is producing outstanding marketing talent and exporting it to the world, according Professor Vince Mitchell, co-host of new podcast The Marketing Commute, which will feature industry news and in-depth interviews.

The Marketing Commute is being sponsored by KPMG and the University of Sydney Business School, which Professor Vince Mitchell says is keen to remain relevant to the industry and contribute to its future.

Professor Mitchell, who is Head of the School's Marketing discipline, also says that the podcast will hopefully encourage a sense of "lifelong learning" within the industry.

The first ten episodes of the 30-minute podcast will feature interviews with high profile Australian marketer who have enjoyed international success. Appearing in the first three programs are Campbell Cannon, Co-CEO of Ogilvy Malaysia; Traci Alford, global CEO of the Effies; and John Moore, former Director of Marketing and Global Head of Customer Lab at Bupa.

The Marketing Commute

"Through these interviews, we will look at the journey taken by these industry icons and the lessons they have learnt at home and around the world," said Professor Mitchell. "It is The Marketing Commute's international focus that sets it apart from existing industry podcasts which only have a national focus."

"As we take a personal and professional journey with our guests, we will also be reflecting on the industry's own journey," Professor Mitchell said.

The Marketing Commute will have a "talk radio" format and will cover current marketing trends and news, including a "Marketing Minute" during which Professor Vince Mitchell will discuss recent marketing academic papers.

Professor Mitchell's co-hosts will be Andrew Baxter, Senior Advisor at KPMG's Customer, Brand and Marketing Advisory business, and an Adjunct Professor of Marketing; Mike Boyd, Co-Founder & CEO of Contact Light and Marketing Technologist; and Carmon Bekker, a Partner at KPMG’s Customer, Brand & Marketing Advisory business.

Three episodes of the podcast are now available at The Marketing Commute website. A new episode will be released each week until the end of the year.