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Home buyers likely to be happier retirees

11 November 2019
Residential mortgages help Australians engage with super
Australians become more engaged with their superannuation when they take out a mortgage and are therefore likely to have better retirement outcomes, according to a study by the University of Sydney Business School.

However, the study also found that the level of attention paid to super was dependent on the type of mortgage borrowers took out.

Researcher Professor Susan Thorp said that owner-occupiers often work on growing their super after buying their home, while those taking out a mortgage to buy an investment property tended to regard real estate as their primary financial interest.

"The process of buying a home forces people to evaluate their financial situation, including their superannuation, and this is a very good thing," said Professor Thorp. "This often leads to good savings decisions and, therefore, better retirement outcomes."

The study was undertaken by the University of Sydney Business School in association with the University of New South Wales, the University of Technology, Sydney, Colonial First State and the ARC Centre for Excellence in Population Ageing Research (CEPAR).

Download the CEPAR Industry Report, "New residential mortgages and superannuation engagement" (pdf, 1.1MB).

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