Commerce student makes an impact at Benefit Cosmetics and Adobe

From industry placement to volunteer charity consulting
Find out more about Commerce/Advanced Studies student Daniel and his experience at the University of Sydney Business School, including clubs and societies and industry internships.

Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Advanced Studies student Daniel Kim

Before commencing studies in business at the University of Sydney, Daniel didn't know what career he wanted to pursue. Throughout his degree, he's had multiple opportunities to gain industry experience, including interning for a household name brand and getting involved in impactful student organisations. Now, he wants to use the skills and experiences he's gained to follow his new passion for talent acquisition and consulting.

Daniel Kim is a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Advanced Studies student at the Business School, majoring in Finance and Human Resource Management & Industrial Relations.

Real experience in industry

Through the Business School's Industry Placement Program, he recently had the opportunity to intern with top international beauty brand Benefit Cosmetics (part of the LVMH group).

Daniel Kim (R) and Luci Williams, National Education Manager – Australia (L) at Benefit Cosmetics

As an Education Intern for the Benefit Cosmetics team, Daniel was involved with creating engaging training module videos for retail staff, developing guidelines for a new product launch, improving Instagram activity and engagement for customers and organising gifts for new employees.

The Industry Placement Program provided me with an opportunity to gain practical experience in an environment I coveted and with the people I wanted to work with.
Daniel Kim

Daniel's greatest achievement from his internship at Benefit Cosmetics was elevating the quality of compulsory online training module videos to the standard of the global team, utilising his content creation skills.

Daniel was further empowered to undertake the internship through the Local Industry Placement Program Scholarship, which is valued at $2500.

Daniel Kim (CL) with Business School leadership staff

Collaborating to solve authentic business problems

The Industry Placement Program is not Daniel's only experience with industry partners during his degree. He's also completed an Industry and Community Project unit (ICPU) with Adobe, on the topic of 'closing the digital skills gap'.

It allowed me to reframe my understanding of teamwork, and taught me the value of interdisciplinary collaboration.
Daniel Kim

The ICPU brings together students from across the University to work on authentic problems for an industry, community or government partner.

"Working with individuals from different educational backgrounds was sometimes challenging, as we had conflicting perspectives and approaches to a common problem," Daniel says.

"However, it allowed me to reframe my understanding of teamwork, and taught me the value of interdisciplinary collaboration."

Impact through student organisations

Daniel's experiences in the clubs and societies program at the Business School have greatly enhanced his skills and provided a way for him to apply knowledge gained through his studies to real-world situations.

Throughout his time at university, Daniel has been significantly involved in the Sydney Marketing Society, the Work and Organisational Studies Society, BusinessOne Consulting and The Poke Initiative.

He was able to make meaningful personal and professional connections through working in a team, organising events that provide value to the club members, consulting with clients and managing external relations.

Clubs and societies not only helped me develop a vast array of transferrable skills, but also allowed me to discover interests and passions which shaped my experience at the Business School.
Daniel Kim

"In particular, my experience with the Sydney Marketing Society was very valuable because it allowed me to explore the field of marketing without having to study marketing as my major," he said. "This knowledge of marketing is very advantageous when starting my professional career."

Daniel and other executive members of the Sydney Marketing Society

Daniel’s experiences in the Business School ultimately helped him secure a role at EY before he completed his degree.

"I've had so many opportunities to see the theories learnt in classrooms become a reality in a professional setting. My involvement in student life enhanced my Commerce degree and provided meaningful and unforgettable connections that I will take forward into my career."

2 September 2021

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