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What's the best business major for me?

Find the Bachelor of Commerce major that will advance your career
The University of Sydney Business School offers one of the largest ranges of majors of any business school in Australia. Explore our full list of Bachelor of Commerce majors and the career possibilities they offer.

When you undertake our Bachelor of Commerce or Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Advanced Studies, you'll be required to complete one or two business majors. Majors are sequences of units of study which equip you with depth of expertise in a particular subject area, such as business law, finance or marketing.

Explore the full list of business majors below to see what topics and career pathways each subject area offers:

Accounting major

Accounting is the 'language of business', providing organisations with information they need to make key business decisions relating to financial performance.

  • Analyse and record business financial transactions
  • Allocate costs and prepare budgets and other reports to inform operational and strategic decisions
  • Prepare and audit financial statements in line with international accounting and auditing standards
  • Apply analytical skills to understand and appraise the value of financial information
  • Auditing and assurance
  • Financial analyst
  • Internal audit and risk
  • Management accountant/analyst
  • Financial accounting
Muhammad Rehan Rana

"One of the reasons I decided to study at the Business School is the flexibility. I have a wide variety of majors to choose from and I can also combine subjects from other faculties and schools with the Bachelor of Commerce."

Muhammad Rehan Rana
Majors: Accounting and Business Information Systems

Banking major

Banks play a critical role in our globalised economy, providing financial services to business and individuals, and facilitating sustainable economic growth.

  • Understand the role of banks
  • Expertise in bank management and risk management
  • How to measure and manage financial risk
  • Analysis of monetary policy
  • Communication of financial information
  • Commercial and investment banking
  • Financial services
  • Consulting
  • Risk management
  • Financial industry regulation
  • Central banking
Alexander Zeyu Shu

"Studying banking helped me to gain strong data management and financial analysis skills. I've had the chance to dive into the banking world and enrich my view of financial operations, which has also really complimented my marketing major."

Alexander Zeyu Shu
Majors: Banking and Marketing

Business Analytics major

Use data to discover new insights and gain a deeper understanding of business performance to drive future planning.

  • Use of statistical software to analyse real datasets
  • How to mathematically develop problem solving models
  • Methods for tasks including credit scoring, market segmentation, consumer behaviour modelling and product positioning
  • Communication of business intelligence
  • Machine-learning methods
  • Consulting
  • Data analyst
  • Logistics and supply chain management
  • Data scientist
  • Market research
  • Retail analytics
Cindy Ngo

"With an influx of data and rapid technological advancement, I saw the field of business analytics as an exciting area in which to specialise. Coursework in the business analytics major often presents us with real business problems and involves using datasets from actual businesses to solve issues."

Cindy Ngo
Majors: Business Analytics and Marketing

Business Information Systems major

Business information systems are the key enabler of innovation and operational efficiency, ensuring the right information is available to the right people at the right time.

  • Expertise on business information systems strategy and e-commerce, business intelligence and business process management
  • Business analysis techniques
  • Data modelling and process mapping
  • Agile project management methodologies
  • Software including Tableau, SAS Visual Analytics, SAP
  • Technology assurance and data management frameworks
  • Business analyst
  • Consultant
  • Systems analyst
  • IT auditor
  • Project manager
Minh Tri Nguyen

"I've had a lot of freedom to try out various electives and majors. The soft skills and technical knowledge I've developed have been really useful during my industry placement at Macquarie Group. It's been so rewarding to apply the skills I gained in the classroom to the real world."

Minh Tri Nguyen
Majors: Business Information Systems and Finance

Business Law major

Businesses of all shapes and sizes are impacted by the legal and regulatory frameworks in which they operate.

  • How to conduct case-based analysis of the law
  • Identifying the legal implications, opportunities and risks of business activities
  • Constructing written and oral arguments relevant to commercial legal issues
  • Project management
  • Specialist knowledge in legal areas such as securities and derivatives law, finance and banking, taxation, employment, corporate crime, trade practices and consumer law
  • Compliance and regulatory specialist
  • Business manager
  • Tax adviser
  • Financial planner
  • Investment adviser
  • Policy adviser
Paris Vergan

"I chose to major in business law after completing an elective which I thoroughly enjoyed. Understanding the legislative processes behind management decisions has provided great insight into business operations and assisted in my internship role as an Assistant Trade Advisor for Business France."

Paris Vergan
Majors: Business Law and Marketing

Finance major

Finance affects every area of business, as organisations use financial information to make strategic decisions that improve profitability.

  • Measurement and management of financial risk
  • Building financial models
  • Asset pricing
  • Portfolio management
  • How to present financial information
  • Financial analyst
  • Economist
  • Financial Planning
  • Funds management
  • Investment banker
  • Markets analyst
  • Trader
  • Financial advisor
  • Managing companies
  • Wealth management
  • Financial consultant
Elicia McDonald

"Studying at the Business School gave me the best possible foundation to secure a competitive graduate position in investment banking. I wouldn't be where I am today without the experience and education I received at the University of Sydney."

Elicia McDonald
Major: Finance

Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management major

Industrial relations and human resource management explores current and future challenges around employment, the forces shaping workplaces and organisational performance.

  • Expertise in labour law and industrial relations policy
  • How to analyse current issues in work and employment
  • Assessment of existing theory and practice in the field of human resource management
  • Managing diversity
  • Problem solving in the area of human resource management
  • Influence and negotiation skills
  • Human resources coordinator
  • People and change consultant
  • Diversity consultant
  • Industrial officer
  • Employer branding consultant
  • Policy analyst
Jasmin Jade Hamade

"The University is transforming students like me into truly employable graduates, with leadership attributes and a legitimate passion to make a difference. I've been shaped by a range of incredible opportunities during my studies."

Jasmin Jade Hamade
Major: Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management

International Business major

In a globalised world, international business supports the development, strategy and management of organisations at a global level.

  • Multinational and transnational business strategies
  • Risk analysis and management
  • Strategy formulation and design thinking
  • Managing employees and organisations in cross-cultural contexts
  • Project management
  • Interpersonal skills necessary to work with people across cultures and borders
  • Entrepreneurship skills in an international business context
  • International business consulting
  • Import and export management
  • International human resource management
  • Global management
  • Consultant in government and nongovernment organisations, such as the World Bank, Austrade or the United Nations
Anna Bezuglova

"Studying at the Business School has given me some incredible opportunities, including working and studying in Paris and Los Angeles. These invaluable experiences have developed me professionally and personally, and helped me clarify what I want to do after graduation."

Anna Bezuglova
Majors: International Business and Marketing

Management major

Critical to achieving business objectives, management involves planning, leading and directing people and organisations.

  • Project management
  • Leadership, team-working and networking
  • Negotiation skills
  • Change management
  • Management communication skills
  • Management consulting
  • Organisational development consulting
  • Change management
  • Sustainability management
  • Executive management
Brandon Morgan

"Business is such a broad field with the chance to study everything from accounting to human resources. The transferable skills taught in this degree offer plenty of opportunities to move around, change careers and follow your passion."

Brandon Morgan
Majors: Management and Industrial Relations & Human Resource Management

Marketing major

Marketing creates value for customers, organisations and society by understanding market needs and aligning what companies offer based on market insights.

  • How to design business proposals and marketing strategies
  • Creating, positioning and developing brands
  • Formulating research questions and developing consumer insights
  • Advertising and producing creative material
  • Persuasive communication and pitching ideas
  • Marketing director
  • Business strategist
  • Advertising executive
  • Marketing communication specialist
  • Brand manager
  • Product manager
  • Market researcher and analyst
  • Digital marketing specialist
Dean Jones

"My commerce degree helped me develop the skills needed for a career across a range of industries. After graduating, I spent four years as an investment banker with Deutsche Bank in Sydney, London and New York. I am now a co-founder and CEO of GlamCorner, Australia's largest online designer fashion rental business."

Dean Jones
Majors: Marketing and Finance

Professional Accounting program

Our Professional Accounting program offers you the opportunity to complete a professionally accredited accounting degree and develop the knowledge and expertise you need for a rewarding career.

The Professional Accounting program meets the requirements for professional accounting accreditation with the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ) and CPA Australia. Completion of an accredited degree course is a recognised pathway to a career in professional accounting.

For more detailed information download the Professional Accounting Accreditation Guide (pdf, 201KB).

To complete the Professional Accounting program and gain associate membership into CPA Australia and CAANZ, you need to undertake 12 units from accounting and other essential business disciplines. To see how the Professional Accounting program can fit into your degree, download the Structuring a Professional Accounting program flyer (pdf, 30KB).

21 August 2020

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