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About this major

In a globalised world, corporate survival and growth are dependent upon knowledge and experience of international business. Our International Business major is designed to help you expand your skills to meet the growing demands of a globalised business world.

The major provides the knowledge and skills relevant to the development, strategy and management of international business organisations and the institutional context for their development, growth and operation.

This major will help you to understand how multinational and transnational industries work, and will propel you forward in your career. You will learn essential tools for cross-cultural communication as well as business strategies to succeed in a multinational business environment.

Our programs and research encompass the extensive domain of international business studies, including:

  • multinational and transnational business activities,
  • strategic and managerial processes that cross national boundaries,
  • joint ventures and strategic alliances,
  • mergers and acquisitions, and 
  • the interaction of international businesses and organisations with their economic, political and cultural environment.

There is a strong emphasis throughout the degree on cultural understanding and comparing how business works in Australia with other countries in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. There is also the opportunity to focus on entrepreneurship skills in an international business context.

About this major

The International Business major requires a student to complete 48 credit points in units of study, as follows:

(1) two 1000-level core units of study (12 credit points):

  • Cross-Cultural Management
  • Global Business

(2) two 2000-level core units of study (12 credit points):

  • International Business Strategy
  • International Risk Management

(3) one 2000-level selective unit of study (6 credit points) selected from the following:

  • Chinese Economy and Business
  • Commercial Practice in China
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Intellectual Property for Business

(4) two 3000-level core units of study (12 credit points):

  • International Business Alliances
  • International Business in Practice

(5) one 3000-level selective unit of study (6 credit points) selected from the following:

  • Business Negotiations
  • Ethical International Business Decisions
  • International Business Special Project
  • International Human Resource Management
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Strategy and Emerging Markets

For unit availability please refer to the "Units of study in this major" section below.

Students also have the option of completing a minor in this subject area.

Career Pathways

Whether you are considering a career in Australia or overseas, many recruiters and prospective employers regard international knowledge as a critical skill. Graduate with knowledge and skills that are highly portable across a wide variety of career paths around the world.


  • International business consulting
  • Import/export management
  • International human resource management
  • Global marketing management
  • Consultant in government and non-government organisations, such as the World Bank, AUSTRADE or the United Nations
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