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About this major

Mathematical modelling is becoming an important tool in science, engineering, economics, business and society, due to the rise of computer power and data availability.

In this major you will learn the mathematical techniques that are essential for model development, application and assessment including computational and numerical skills. These techniques include ordinary and partial differential equations, which use ideas from calculus, and stochastic modelling, which uses ideas from probability theory.

We use Python as the computational platform - this powerful software is rapidly becoming industry standard and will enable you to solve and manipulate models so that you get to grips with model outputs. You will have opportunities to apply mathematical modelling techniques in biology, medical sciences, physics and chemistry and engineering applications.

Graduate opportunities

This major will equip you with the mathematical modelling and computational foundations to build a career in research (Universities, CSIRO), the public sector (Bureau of Meteorology, state and federal government agencies), or the private sector (engineering, consulting, IT, finance).

Courses that offer this major

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To help you understand common terms that we use at the University, we offer an online glossary.