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About this major

History and Philosophy of Science (HPS) will allow you to enrich and deepen your knowledge of science and its place in modern society. The study of HPS also allows you to stand back from the specialised concerns of their other subjects by gaining a broader perspective on what science is, how it acquired its current form, how it fits into contemporary society, and to analyse the ramifications of scientific developments in a social, cultural, and ethical perspective.

Should your studies fall outside the Faculty of Science, HPS will allow you to gain an understanding of the nature of science, its historical development, and its place in modern society. It also acquaints you with political and ethical discussions within and around modern science.

Graduate opportunities

HPS is a valuable field of study for any career requiring a broad and critical appreciation of science and its position in society. It is particularly relevant for careers in science administration, science policy, science education, science communication, science journalism, exhibition design and museum work. Many careers in government and business require a broad and critical appreciation of science and its place in the modern world. History and philosophy of science provides an ideal training for positions of this kind. Students majoring in one of the sciences or medicine benefit from taking courses in HPS because it provides a deeper understanding of the nature of scientific research and its social and ethical implications. It allows students to take a step back and reflect on the nature of science and its place in society.
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