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About this major

Geology and Geophysics will provide you with a unifying context for understanding the surface and internal planetary processes that determine how the earth functions as a system. Global climate change, an increasing population and shrinking mineral and energy resources have heightened our sense of dependence on our earth's complex natural systems and increased our need to understand the dynamic structural relationships between the continents and oceans that provide the physical habitat for the earth's various ecosystems.

This major will provide you with an understanding of change on Earth, its origin, plate tectonics, surface processes, evolution of life and geologic time. With this major you will acquire the skills necessary for employment in all areas of sustainable exploration and management of our natural, mineral and energy resources.

Graduate opportunities

Global climate change and shrinking resources have heightened our sense of dependence of Earth as a complex system. Our need for understanding climate change and continuing demand for metals, oil and gas ensures that geologists are not only in high demand but are also amongst the highest paid professionals in the world.

Recent geology and geophysics graduates have secured employment with major mining, petroleum and geophysical companies in Australia and overseas. Many of our graduates are also employed by environmental companies, Geoscience Australia, the CSIRO, geological surveys, financial institutions and universities.

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