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About this major

Theatre and Performance Studies looks at a broad range of aesthetic, social and everyday performances: across theatre, dance or `live art' and the stage, to the performative dimensions of politics, sport, cinema and popular culture. As a student you will explore a range of different approaches to performance making, devise short works, and engage with professional artists-in-residence.

As well as developing practical skills in workshops, you will attend a wide variety of performances, learn how to document them, how to describe the way spaces and architecture are used, how bodies are moving, and how to build these observations into a detailed critical analysis. Performance, as a conceptual lens, also provides a powerful way of interpreting many non-theatrical events, using both theoretical and critical approaches from a diversity of disciplines, including theatre and movement studies, anthropology, history, philosophy and sociology.

This major provides a strong theoretical basis for you to later train as a performer, director, teacher, arts administrator, or work in related areas of the arts and cultural practice.

For more information on the program structure and content including unit of study information, please refer to the Arts and Social Sciences Handbook.

This major is offered by the discipline of Theatre and Performance Studies.

Graduate opportunities

Our graduates enter a wide range of careers. Examples include:

  • Arts management 
  • Communications specialist 
  • Critic 
  • Director 
  • Drama teacher 
  • Journalist 
  • Performer 
  • Producer 
  • Publisher 
  • Stage management 
  • Writer
Courses that offer this major

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