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About this major

The major in Discrete Mathematics and Algorithms gives students substantial competency in computing and areas of mathematics that are most closely associated with computation.

These areas are devoted to discrete structures and discrete methods, which stress the finite or countable nature inherent in many problems arising both in mathematics as well as in its applications. Notable examples include number theory, cryptography, computer algorithms, operations research, deep learning and large language models.

Students will acquire analytical and technical skills in both computing and mathematics. This includes software engineering, combinatorial analysis, formal proof and algorithmic analysis. Students will be able to both analyse and solve problems in an abstract sense, and they will be able to realise solutions through computer software. 

Graduate opportunities

Graduates with analytical and technical skills in both mathematics and computing are in demand in many areas, especially in business associated with financial services and information technology. They are needed in almost all scientific, medical, technological, and industrial research.

With a major in Discrete Mathematics and Algorithms, you could be employed in a wide range of major corporations and in the public sector, where these skills are essential for policy planning.  

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