Collaborative research environment inspires marketing PhD candidate

13 December 2019
PhD student examines political ideology and consumer behaviour
Nulpurum Seo reflects on how a Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Sydney Business School has supported her research in marketing and consumer psychology.
Nulpurum Seo

Nulpurum Seo

Nulpurum Seo has been interested in consumer behaviour since taking psychology in the first semester of her undergraduate degree, where she was intrigued by the differences in how humans and animals make decisions.

This interest led Seo to consumer behaviour - specifically the influences of context on making and reversing choices about consumption - where she realised a need for doctorial study to further investigate fundamental questions in the field.

Research at the University of Sydney Business School

Seo chose to undertake her PhD at the University of Sydney Business School due to its nurturing and collaborative culture. Her thesis focuses on the effect of political ideology on the intention-behaviour gap in sustainable consumption. Seo believes that the impact of political ideology on consumer behaviour has become increasingly important, with many people expressing their political stance more actively in recent times. 

“High accessibility and active research between faculties and student are important to me because I am interested in working with my supervisors.”
Nulpurum Seo

Seo says her most inspiring experiences at the University of Sydney are the seminars at which international researchers present their recent papers, introduce new methodologies, and share their approaches and philosophy to research.

For Seo, these seminars were a great opportunity to learn new methodology directly from the researcher who proposed the method to and discuss studies with the author of the paper. This direct interaction revealed personal stories behind publications, providing Seo with a grounded source of inspiration.

Seo also appreciates University's focus on facilitating research through small groups and the diversity among students and faculties.

"At the University of Sydney, I am inspired by other PhD students and faculty members with various backgrounds," Seo says. "I don't want to limit my research areas, and want to learn as much as I can."

Living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world is another highlight of Seo's studies. She claims that whilst every PhD student experiences stress, not everyone can relieve it at the Opera House. 

Upon completing her current thesis, Seo aims to continue her academic career at a research-focused university. "As a researcher, my ultimate goal is to publish fresh, interesting and inspiring research," Seo says.