Outstanding PhD candidate to join top US College as Assistant Professor

6 March 2019
Appointment described as historic achievement
In a history making move, the University of Iowa’s Tippie College of Business has appointed a doctoral candidate from the University of Sydney Business School as a tenure-track Assistant Professor.
Petra Andrlikova

Petra Andrlikova

Petra Andrlikova’s appointment to the prestigious research position at Tippie College has been described by her PhD supervisor, Finance Associate Professor Jamie Alcock, as a “huge, well deserved and historic achievement”.

“It is exceptionally rare that an Australian Finance PhD graduate walks directly into a tenure-track position at a top 50 School in the US,” said Dr Alcock. “I struggle to think of any in recent history.”

“Petra has landed in the heartland of cutting edge finance research globally,” Dr Alcock continued. “It will give her regular access to the most up-to-date research seminars, regular access to editors of major journals, and a professional network which is more difficult in Australia.”

Welcoming the rare opportunity offered by Tippie College, Petra said she was “excited” by the tenure-track appointment which allows her to continue her research for up to six years before any a decision is made on an ongoing tenured position.

The high ranking Tippie College has over 3,000 students in programs covering accounting, economics, finance, marketing, management and organizations, and management sciences.

Petra’s research into theoretical and empirical asset pricing will have a particular focus on “how the business cycle affects financial markets and market participants”.

“I take a different approach to most researchers in this area,” Petra said. “I attempt to develop theoretical models that may help us understand how market participants behave, think and make decisions.”

While pointing out that Petra was an outstanding, dedicated, Intelligent, focussed and curious student, Dr Alcock also said her appointment reflected well on the University of Sydney Business School.

“The Business School has some outstanding research supervision talent that has the ability to support talented students to achieve all they are truly capable of,” he said. “The Business School also has the resources in place to achieve even greater heights of success.”

Petra has also studied in her native Czech Republic and in the Netherlands.

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