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MBA Scholarship recipients share a commitment to "leadership for good"

4 March 2020
MBA skills relevant beyond corporate world
Meghal Shah and Meredith Edwards are both highly motivated professionals. They committed to improving people's lives and both see an MBA as a way of advancing their objectives.

Meghal and Meredith are amongst a growing number of people who see an application for managerial and leadership skills far beyond the narrow corporate world and the maximization of shareholder value.

This year, Meghal and Meredith will move a step closer to a career of "leadership for good" when they join the University of Sydney Business School's top-ranking MBA program with the support of scholarships.

Dr Meredith Edwards, Alek Safarian MBA Scholarship recipient

Meredith Edwards

Dr Meredith Edwards 

Dr Meredith Edwards, who has been awarded an Alek Safarian MBA Scholarship, is a Medical Manager at AbbVie in Sydney. AbbVie is a biopharmaceutical company with a focus on immunology, oncology, neuroscience and virology.

She hopes that the MBA will provide her with the skill "to inspire those I lead to do their best, for patients, the community, employees, and the industry."

"I consider being involved in the development of medicines, and the potential for a positive impact that comes with this, to be a privilege," says Meredith. "Increasing budgetary and pricing pressures, market segmentation, and innovation challenges will always require new thinking about value, pricing, and business, operational, and care models."

Through the completion of my MBA I am looking forward to greater opportunity to execute on strategy, deliver outcomes, and successfully lead change.
Dr Meredith Edwards

The Alek Safarian MBA Scholarship supports emerging leaders in the areas of pharmacy, pharmacology, medicine, nursing or science.

Alek Safarian, the founder of Australia's largest private medical research firm, Novotech, says he donated the scholarship because "good education is integral to success in life."

Meghal Shah, Anstice MBA Scholarship for Community Leadership recipient

Meghal Shah

Meghal Shah

Meghal Shah CA is currently Chief Financial Officer at the international development charity Action on Poverty, which operates in 13 countries around the world. He is also Vice President of BCD Community Care, a Sydney based disability and aged care services provider.

Meghal has been awarded an Anstice MBA Scholarship for Community Leadership, which is aimed at students who have been accepted into the Business School's MBA program and can demonstrate that they have leadership qualities, work and life experience, an ability to work within a team and to network or an ability to develop sustainable initiatives.

Mr Anstice, a former Senior Executive with the pharmaceutical firm Merck, has maintained a long-term interest in the University of Sydney Business School and has supported a number of initiatives designed to encourage innovation.

"The reason I want to do an MBA is simple," says Meghal. "I want to help solve society's most pressing problems by helping organisations achieve their full potential and maximise their impact. The most effective way of achieving this is through enhancing my ability to contribute in a meaningful way."