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What careers can a Master of Commerce specialisation in Business Information Systems lead to?

Pursue the business career you want in the digital age
The Business Information Systems specialisation offers a variety of career paths across almost every area of business, from working in corporations and consulting firms to entrepreneurship and developing your own startup.

The future of business is digital. Social media, e-commerce, mobile apps, remote working, data and new technologies are disrupting markets and reshaping society. By becoming a leader in business information systems, you'll position yourself for a transformative career in a variety of industries.

What careers are available through Business Information Systems?

Employers are looking for candidates who understand both business and technology issues, are able to translate between the two and have the skills to apply that knowledge in an organisational setting.

By undertaking the Business Information Systems specialisation in the Master of Commerce, you can expect career opportunities including:

  • business systems analyst
  • technology strategy consultant
  • digital product manager
  • business process manager
  • IS/IT auditor
  • information systems project manager
  • enterprise architect
  • entrepreneur

Salaries for Business Information Systems experts are highly competitive.

Example role Average base salary
Technology Strategy Consultant $109,7691
Business Systems Analyst $110,4292
Digital Product Manager $126,4843

Arusha Jha

Arusha Jha
Master of Commerce (Business Information Systems), 2023
"Working with real-life clients and on real projects has enabled me in understanding how to correctly apply the knowledge that I have gained and utilise that in the workforce going forward. I’ve had the most wonderful experience under guidance from some excellent tutors and lecturers who have not only gained success in the field themselves but are able to teach their learnings in a style that is comprehensive, accessible, and engaging as well as refreshing."
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What Business Information Systems skills will you develop?

The Business Information Systems specialisation will give you a fundamental understanding of how businesses operate in the digital world. You'll learn about the crucial role of modern technologies in facilitating business transformation and gain practical skills in business analysis.

You'll build knowledge in:

  • digital business innovation
  • agile business methods
  • business process management
  • digital transformation
  • digital work practices
  • information infrastructures

You'll also gain hands-on experience with enterprise software such as Tableau and SAP.

Tara Stewart

Tara Stewart
Master of Commerce (Business Information Systems), 2023
"Pursuing this specialisation has been instrumental in enabling me to blend the realms of business operations with technological proficiency. The breadth of courses available covered a range of areas, including project management, business information systems, data-driven decision-making, and practical projects in providing and crafting digital solutions for actual companies."
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How will Business Information Systems units of study advance your career?

Whether your goal is entrepreneurship, consulting or working in the corporate world, the Business Information Systems specialisation offers the flexibility to tailor it to your own career aspirations, with eight elective units to choose from.

Gain an understanding of socio-technical networks, how information systems function, and how processes in organisations can be leveraged to create digital innovation and business transformation.

Choose four selective units to suit your career aspirations.

  • Agile Project Methods
  • Business Process Management
  • Digital Business Models
  • Digital Business Transformation
  • Digital Information Infrastructures
  • Data Visualisation for Managers
  • Digital Work Practices
  • Gadgets, Gods and Godzilla
  • Managing Data at Scale
  • Managing with Information and Data
Example selective unit of study streams*
Business Analyst Technology Strategy Consultant Digital Product Manager/Owner
Managing with Information and Data Digital Business Transformation Business Process Management
Data Visualisation Business Process Management Digital Information Infrastructures
Managing Data at Scale Digital Business Models Digital Business Models
Gadgets, Gods and Godzilla Agile Project Methods

Agile Project Methods

*Streams are suggestions only. Students may choose other selective unit of study combinations.

Reinforce your Business Information Systems knowledge by working on a real-world project with an industry partner.

22 July 2021

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