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Foundations of Intelligent Supply Chain Management

Delivered online in partnership with Supply Chain & Logistics Association of Australia (SCLAA).
For managers and business owners who want to broaden their understanding of supply chain management and the latest trends and technological developments in managing complex supply chains.

Effective logistics and supply chain management is central to organisational growth and competitiveness.

This micro-credential is designed and delivered by Professor Ben Fahimnia and his team of supply chain experts, aiming to familiarise forward-thinking leaders with the tools, technologies and approaches that are essential to design, plan, manage, and optimise the complex supply chains of today.

Particular emphasis is placed on real-world challenges of managing complex supply chains, and industry best practice in the use of advanced analytics and AI-empowered tools to transform procurement, logistics, production, warehousing, distribution and retail fulfilment operations.

The program provides an interactive and engaging space in which participants will apply what they learn by role-playing scenarios, evaluating alternative decisions, and examining the business outcomes of those decisions. It will also offer a unique networking opportunity through exchanging ideas with team members while developing competencies in intelligent supply chain management.

In this micro-credential, the participants will become familiarised with:

  • foundations of logistics and supply chain design and management,
  • emerging tools and technologies for managing supply chain operations,
  • emerging tools and technologies in retail operations, and
  • emerging tools and technologies for integrated supply chain design and planning.

This micro-credential is designed for managers and business owners who want to broaden their understanding of logistics and supply chain management, and acquire knowledge of the latest trends and technological developments in the field.

2024 information will be available in due course. If you would like us to reach out to you when information is available please email us on and we will place you on our expression of interest list.

This micro-credential will be delivered fully in online mode.

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