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Microscopic image of brain neurons

Body, Heart and Mind in Business Research Group

Advancing knowledge in employee performance, health and wellbeing
We are a multidisciplinary group with an aim to advance knowledge on how the human body, heart and mind interact in work settings.

About us

Our work integrates research from the fields of management, psychology, biology and medical sciences, adopting methods and approaches to understand the effects that physiological and somatic factors have on how individuals and groups think, feel and behave at work. 

We aim to lead thinking around physiological functioning and employee performance, health, and wellbeing in organisations. Our work has been published in highly regarded journals including the:

  • Academy of Management Review
  • Academy of Management Journal
  • Journal of Applied Psychology
  • Journal of Management
  • Journal of International Business Studies
  • Organizational Research Methods. 

We have received funding through Australian Research Council discovery grants, ARC linkage grants and other competitive grants totalling more than $1.5 million.

Our work is regularly covered by national and international media including The Wall Street Journal, The Independent, Huffington Post, Business Insider, ABC News and SBS News.


Research projects

We conduct many diverse projects

Explore current research projects and publications by the Body, Heart and Mind in Business Research Group.

Our people

  • Dr Stefan Volk
    Focus areas: physiological and psychological processes in employees.
  • Dr Helena Nguyen
    Focus areas: psychology and organisation behaviour.
  • Dr Anya Johnson
    Focus areas: organisational behaviour.

Workshops and events

Find out how our research can influence your workplace through workshops and seminars by the Body, Heart and Mind Research Group.


Inaugural Australian Compassion Research Forum

Biological rhythms and peak-time team performance

Foreign language processing in multinational companies

Intelligence testing

Managing emotional labour


Stefan Volk
Associate Professor Stefan Volk
Academic profile

Dr Helena Nguyen
Associate Professor Helena Nguyen
Academic profile

Dr Anya Johnson
Associate Professor Anya Johnson
Academic profile


Wake me up in 2022: working through uncertainty fatigue

with Dr Shanta Dey on ABC Radio's This Working Life, July 2021

Helena Nguyen – When not to keep calm and carry on: learning how to deal with work stress - Raising the Bar 2019

Stefan Volk: How to convince your boss that you deserve to sleep in - Raising the Bar Sydney 2017

Research highlights