The Nano-Economy-Society Research Project

A new approach to assess the impact of research commercialisation
Nano-Economy-Society is a multidisciplinary research project, supported by the University of Sydney Nano Institute, that aims to assess and refine the academic ecosystem that supports the translation of research into economic and social benefits.

Commercialisation of science-based research is a complex, non-linear process that can span over decades. Its assessments are still based on the input (research expenditure)-output (IP, spinoffs, commercialisation revenue) model that provides little insight on what happens in the "black box".

The Nano-Economy-Society project employs process-based methodologies to offer alternative assessments of the commercialisation process.

We demonstrate how accumulation of knowledge, experience and resources through continuous commercialisation attempts can lead to eventual market success and, critically, to the development of favourable context to support future innovation.

Through our research, we aim to develop a more nuanced approach to assess the real impact of research commercialisation, including on the broader economy and society.

About the team

Our backgrounds in technology, business and governance offer unique perspective on how the commercialisation of science-based innovations is dependent on both economy and society.

The University of Sydney Business School

  • Dr Maria Rumyantseva, Lecturer and Academic Fellow in Innovation Studies
  • Dr Duc Nguyen, Postdoctoral Research Associate
  • Professor Catherine Welch, Honorary Professor at the University of Sydney Business School and Professor of Strategy at Trinity College Dublin

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

  • Professor Susan Park, Professor of Global Governance
  • Ana-Maria Ulloa, PhD candidate

Faculty of Engineering

  • Professor Ali Abbas, Professor of Chemical Engineering and Director of the Laboratory for Multiscale Systems

YU - Training, Coaching & Consulting

  • Dr Gunther Schmidt, Founder and Managing Director

Current research projects

We apply our academic and industry expertise to analyse commercialisation initiatives at the University of Sydney Nano Institute and assemble their database, tracking progress over time.

In 2022, we launched a series of in-depth case studies of commercialisation projects associated with the University of Sydney Nano Institute, including in energy and circular economy as well as nano health.

These in-depth case studies are designed for academics, students and practitioners and positioned to promote the work of the University of Sydney Nano Institute to a broader community. 

Our community




We publish in leading journals in our respective scientific fields, including:

  • Strategic Management Journal
  • Journal of International Business Studies
  • Journal of World Business
  • Organizational Research Methods


We extend a multidisciplinary approach to teaching, creating a platform for collaborations between our students and scientists as well as startups affiliated with the University of Sydney.

Examples of such courses include:

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