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Student employability programs

Gaining an edge in the job market

Our student employability programs offer you a unique opportunity to develop your professional skills and knowledge, identify career options, and connect with industry to enhance your employability during your studies.

To enhance your employability skills, we offer student employability programs including Graduate Edge and Interchange. The opportunities provided by these programs can include access to professional skills training by key employers, and a chance to build your networks, solve real-world business problems and gain entrepreneurial know-how, Keep an eye on the program information below for application dates and criteria.

Graduate Edge 2021 (Virtual Program) – Applications are now closed

  • A unique opportunity to gain key insights into the world of business and a competitive edge applying to internships and graduate roles
  • Open to undergraduate students who will be in the penultimate or mid-degree stage of their studies in 2021, from the following disciplines:
    Business, Engineering and Computer Science, Science, Law, Arts and Social Sciences, Agriculture and Environment, and Architecture, Design and Planning

Thinking ahead to vacation or graduate positions? Keen to gain exposure to graduate employers and insight into the skills they seek? Graduate Edge is an exceptional program to help you build personal and professional skills sought by internship and graduate employers.

About the program: 

The Careers Centre has partnered with leaders in industry to bring you a program of interactive virtual sessions where you will learn key employability skills and connect with industry representatives. The sessions are conducted virtually, offering you a unique opportunity to learn from major employers of graduates including Deloitte, EY, Salesforce, KPMG and LinkedIn. View the 2020 Graduate Edge schedule to see employers who have participated previously and the topics covered. 

Program benefits:

  • Corporate Insight: A rare opportunity to learn more about the business world, including values and culture.
  • Professional Skills Development: Build your employability skills sought by employers, including communication, personal branding, consulting and networking.
  • Connect with Graduate Employers: Hear directly from recruiters about what they look for in future interns and graduates.
  • Enrich Your Resume: Gain unique evidence of skills sought by employers to build a competitive resume.

Graduate Edge will be a full time commitment between Monday 8 and 12 February 2021. Students are required to attend all program sessions to meet program participation requirements. 

Who can apply:

The program is open to motivated and enthusiastic undergraduate students from the Business School, Engineering and Information Technology, Science, Law, Arts and Social Sciences, Agriculture and Environment, and Architecture, Design and Planning, who meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Penultimate or mid-degree undergraduate student in 2021
  • Academic achievement demonstrated through a credit average or above
  • Extracurricular involvement demonstrated through high school, university or community activities (may include leadership, sporting or humanitarian achievements)
  • Interest in clarifying career direction and goals
  • Work experience desirable (casual work, internships or other employment)
  • Able to commit full time from Monday 8 to Friday 12 February 2021, attending all sessions


INTERCHANGE 2020 - A Breakthrough Virtual Employability and Entrepreneurship Challenge.


INTERCHANGE 2020 applications have now closed

INTERCHANGE 2020 is an exclusive Virtual Challenge that will lead students on a fast-paced learning journey, aimed at developing 21st Century education and technology skills.

Students skill themselves for the future of work by learning how to rapidly make decisions and deploy creative technology-based solutions. You can build your confidence and capability in digital literacy and critical technology skills by attending

Virtual Summits and Virtual Mastermind sessions and by preparing video pitches using the latest technology platforms.

At INTERCHANGE 2020, you will:

  • Listen to expert guest speakers and business leaders at a TEDx style Virtual Summit
  • Solve a real-life problem impacting humanity, with your team made up of students from other Universities
  • Work with an accomplished business mentor
  • Work virtually with your team to create a video pitch of your idea
  • Participate in the event alongside 300 other students - from all areas of study and from around the world. You will meet new people and gain new insights
  • Have the chance to win some amazing prizes

"This was an enormous opportunity for me to explore some of my hidden talents and at the same time mix with hundreds of students who had similar passions. This experience will undoubtedly be helpful for my academic success too.” ( INTERCHANGE  participant)

The program is supported by StudyNSW. It is free to you.

Participating organisations are: University of Sydney, Australian Catholic University, Central Queensland University, Torrens University, University of Technology Sydney, University of New South Wales and Western Sydney University.


Prepare for the future of work
2020 and beyond is about managing change, using technology and always being able to learn; this is the exact experience you will get from this Virtual Challenge.

Get networked!
Meet students from other educational institutions and build your friendship and professional networks.

Build entrepreneurial thinking
Become an in-demand graduate who is creative, resilient, emotionally intelligent and agile!

Become a problem solver
Employers want graduates who can think critically, understand the power of teamwork, communicate and challenge the status quo

Fast-track your way to success
Learn leadership and innovative skills solving ‘real-world’ problems.

This is a Virtual Challenge; where you will participate virtually in events and work virtually with your team members. You will be part of a unique, fast-paced and action-packed learning journey.

You will learn by doing, working as part of a team; your challenge is to identify a problem and solve it.

This Virtual Employability and Entrepreneurship Challenge will conclude with 5 shortlisted teams doing an online pitch in front of a panel of judges. Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 teams.

Along the way, you will benefit from the support and experience of leading facilitators, a team mentor, and expert guest speakers. You will also have the opportunity to assess your skills at the start and end of the INTERCHANGE 2020 program, so you can recognise your own progress.

You will be expected to commit to attending and participating during all 5 days of the INTERCHANGE 2020 program. Outside the online event hours, you will also be expected to communicate with your teammates on a regular basis and access various other resources made available to you online.

KEY PROGRAM DATES - Attendance is compulsory for all dates below

DAY 1: Wednesday 22nd July, 10am-11am, Pre-event Online Networking Event

Day 1 – Come meet everyone!.

  • This is a chance to meet your fellow students
  • Find out more about the event before it kicks off on Saturday July 25th 2020
  • Meet your FRANK facilitators
  • Get your questions answered and get pumped before kick off!!

DAY 2: Saturday  July 25th 2020, 9am-12pm,  Virtual Summit on

Day 2 – We will kick off with an inspiring speaker. You will get to meet new students from all over NSW (and the world!), as well as your mentors.

  • You will learn what entrepreneurship is all about as well as learning important teamwork skills
  • You will finalise which problem you would like to solve and then start brainstorming ideas with your team and you will choose the 1 idea your team will work on
  • You will start planning out your idea
  • You will have a chance to win some cool prizes

DAY 3: Saturday 1st August 2020, 9am-12pm,  Virtual Summit on

Day 3 – You will hear from an inspiring speaker

  • You and your team will learn about how to test your idea
  • You will be introduced to rapid prototyping tools
  • You will have a chance to win some cool prizes

DAY 4: Saturday  8th August 2020, 9am-12pm,  Virtual Summit on

Day 4 – You will hear from an inspiring speaker.  

  • You and your team will be taught how to create a video pitch for your idea.
  • You will learn important communication skills and start getting ready for the Online Pitch Event on August 13th, 2020

DAY 5: Thursday 13th August 2020 3rd, 5-8pm, Virtual Summit on

Day 5 – This is the Pitch Night in front of the judging panel!

  • 5 shortlisted teams will pitch their ideas to the judging panel and 3 winning teams will be announced
  • You will have a chance to reflect on your skills learnt that prepare you for the new world of work and jobs!


INTERCHANGE 2020 applications have now closed

For enquiries, please contact 

Graduate Edge: Student perspectives