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Advertised job market

How to search for advertised jobs

Identify advertised jobs via the Sydney CareerHub job database, online job boards, recruiters, company websites and professional associations.

Job advertisements on Sydney CareerHub

Job ads sent to us by employers are posted on Sydney CareerHub. These positions could be casual, part-time, internships, vacation work, full-time or graduate roles.

Job search websites

There are numerous other websites that list job vacancies advertised by employers and employment agencies. Familiarise yourself with the full range of job search sites which are available and check that the site is reputable and authentic.

Types of job search websites

  • General job search websites: where you can look for work in any industry, eg, SEEK.

Assessing job search websites

Before you use a job search website you should check out the following to ensure they are authentic and reputable:

  • What does the site offer? Some sites offer only job listings, while others also offer additional things such as networking opportunities, discussion groups, and articles with job search tips.
  • How frequently are the listings updated? If you see a lot of listings that are at least 30 days old, or only a few from the current week, then consider if that site is worth using. 
  • Who runs the site? Check the 'About Us' link that's on every major job website. If you don't recognise the company running the site, Google them to check if they are legitimate.
  • What does their privacy policy say? Check out each site's privacy policy to make sure your information won't be shared with any third parties.
  • Is there a fee? Many job search sites are free, but some charge a fee for advanced services.

Organisation and industry-related websites

Many organisations advertise positions vacant on their own websites, so ensure you check the websites of companies of interest to you. Employment opportunities are also often listed in relevant magazines and industry journals online. It is a good idea to subscribe to reputable ones related to your degree.

Professional Association websites

Employment opportunities may also be listed on professional associations websites.

Recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies are often useful when looking for temporary or permanent work, so you may consider registering with a recruitment agency. They are independent organisations engaged by employers to source and screen prospective candidates for job vacancies. They advertise job vacancies, and screen and interview candidates on behalf of employers.

There is no cost to candidates for using the services of a recruitment agency. A good recruitment agent will serve the needs of both their client (the employer) as well as the job seeker. 

Temporary and contract jobs

If you accept an offer for a temporary or contract job, you will sign a contract with the recruitment agency. It is important to note that when a temporary or contract job is secured through an agency, you are an employee of the agency, not the employer. The agency pays your salary and manages the relationship between you and the employer.

Permanent jobs

If you accept the offer of a permanent job then you will be employed directly by the organisation, not the recruitment agency. The agency is paid a commission for successfully finding an appropriate candidate for the role.