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Graduate jobs

Many organisations offer opportunities for graduates

The graduate job market includes tailored graduate programs, public sector jobs and overseas opportunities. Here you’ll learn how you can obtain a job after graduating.

There are many ways to progress your career after completing your degree. Some employers offer graduate recruitment programs, while others recruit graduates as required to meet their business needs. Here are some ways to get noticed:

  1. Do your research to understand how employers in your targeted industry traditionally recruit graduates and to identify appropriate entry level or graduate level roles. Consider opportunities where the job title or description aren’t specifically asking for a ‘graduate’, as they could still be appropriate roles for your experience, qualifications and skills.
  2. Focus your attention on winning a regular full-time role in your chosen field by using a range of job search strategies targeting both advertised and hidden jobs.
  3. Regularly check Sydney CareerHub to identify potential opportunities. Be proactive and develop a job search plan.

Graduate recruitment programs

Each year a number of employers across a range of industries offer graduate programs. Students recruited into a graduate program are targeted for development and supported by mentoring, leadership development, training and work rotations throughout the organisation.

The graduate recruitment season starts early, commencing in March each year for jobs starting the following year, so don’t miss out. Keep an eye on Sydney CareerHub for graduate jobs and employers on campus at our careers fairs and employer information sessions. You should also regularly check industry and employer websites.

Graduate public sector jobs

Graduates from all disciplines are employed in the public service across a range of roles. Many public service departments in both the New South Wales and Federal government run graduate programs. To see which agencies are currently recruiting for their graduate programs, visit APS Graduate Programs and I work for NSW. To view all employment opportunities available at the local government level, see Council Jobs.

You might also consider applying for a regular entry level position in the Public Service (usually an APS level 3, 4 or 5). To see the full list of Public Service positions, go to APS Jobs.

You can also connect with government departments via Careers Centre events including careers fairs and employer information sessions. Sydney CareerHub also advertises public sector jobs.

Public service job applications

The job application process in the public service can be very different to the process in private sectors. The guide 'Cracking the Code: How to apply for jobs in the Australian Public Service' can help you write your application, including addressing the selection criteria.