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Enrolling students

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Enrolling students

In order to recruit students who intend to study at CET and possibly the University of Sydney, agents will need to know about enrolling and whether a student needs to be packaged or non-packaged.

Understanding our online registration system

CET uses an online registration system for our enrolments.

  1. If you are an agent wishing to enrol students, you will first need to obtain an Agent ID. This will enable you to access our system and add more counsellors from your agency. Please contact us.
  2. Once you have obtained an Agent ID, please either enrol your students or have them enrol directly through our online registration tool.
  3. Our system will make a recommendation for course type based on the data you enter and you can submit your request. Your student will receive a confirmation email of the application.
  4. A CET admissions staff member will assess your application and an offer will be made.
  5. You can check the status of your students’ application at any time by logging into the online registration tool.

Enrolling a packaged student

Please refer to the Packaging page for further information.

Enrolling a non-packaged student

Use the following procedure to enrol a non-packaged student:

  1. counsel student
  2. apply online: use our online registration tool
  3. receive 'Letter of Offer' from CET by email - discuss with student
  4. pay tuition fees (level three and four countries to obtain PVA before paying fees)
  5. receive Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE) and 'Letter of Acceptance'
  6. apply for visa

Programs and English tests

CET offers a wide range of English education. In order to counsel accordingly, please familiarise yourself as well as your staff with the various courses. Information on our courses can be found in our current brochure and under Courses and dates on this website.


Accommodation will be very different in Sydney compared to that of your student's country. The inner city, where the university is situated, has mostly older-styled housing available for homestay/homeshare students.

Homestay/homeshare may seem strange at first while your student learns about our different customs. Interacting with people from other cultures can be challenging for even the most motivated student, however it can also be very rewarding.

It is important that the students come with an open mind and the knowledge that things will not be the same. It generally takes students at least a week to feel at home.

You can help to minimise homesickness and other concerns students have when they first arrive by supplying them with this information.

CET does not supply accommodation directly, however we do recommend some providers who you can contact and book accommodation for your students. CET does not supply accommodation directly. Please visiting the University of Sydney's accommodation website where you can explore student options on and off campus. On campus accommodation is generally available during semester breaks for CET students, please contact providers directly.

Orientation and registration - the first day at CET

Orientation is held on the first day of the course. Upon registration your student will be advised of their program outlining the events of the day.


Payment of tuition fees can be made online.

International students under 18 years of age

Special rules apply to students under the age of 18 studying at CET

Special Australian Government rules apply to younger overseas students. For the Australian Government requirements please visit their website.

Special conditions apply at CET before we will accept your application

Before you apply, you must arrange for your support and general welfare until you turn 18 years of age.

  • CET requirements for support and general welfare click here.
  • CET accredited support and general welfare providers click here.

You must stay in approved accommodation on campus, or with a CET accredited Homestay Provider.

  • On-campus accommodation click here.
  • CET accredited Homestay accommodation providers click here.

Special conditions also apply while you are studying at CET

Students should be at least 18 years old. Applications from students aged less than 18 years old will be considered if guardianship arrangements are in place. Australian Government conditions apply. CET adheres to the University of Sydney Under 18 International Students Policy 2016.

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