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The Coding Challenge

Help understand vaccine related misinformation
Challenge is now closed. Winners announced 26 August 2020.

Students, professionals, and researchers from the University of Sydney are invited to participate and help understand vaccine related misinformation.

This is a competition to contribute to research by Associate Professor Adam Dunn, from the Faculty of Medicine and Health, on vaccine sentiment from Twitter posts.

The spread of misinformation can undermine confidence in vaccination. The capacity for social media to quickly and effectively spread information or misinformation is a pressing question for governments and global agencies. Tools such as deep learning, machine learning, sentiment analysis and text mining could provide solutions to help monitor the emergence of vaccine misinformation that underpin mitigation strategies and limit damage to vaccine confidence. 

You are invited to assist in designing a classifier to find vaccine sentiment in Twitter posts. 

This compeition is sponsored by the University of Sydney's Innovation Hub and hosted by the Sydney Informatics Hub.


  • 1st Prize: $3,500 - for the most accurate classification 
  • 2nd Prize: $1,000 - for the second most accurate classification
  • Artemis Prize: $500 - for the most novel algorithm and use of technology platforms.

Key dates

  • Data released and challenge begins: 1 July 2020
  • Challenge closes: 3 August 2020
  • Announcement of prize recipients: 26 August 2020.

More information

A University of Sydney wide Kaggle competition has been set up to crowd-source innovative approaches to understand this problem.