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The Coding Challenge

2020 winners announced.

Students, professionals, and researchers from the University of Sydney were invited to participate and help understand vaccine related misinformation.

This competition, sponsored by the University of Sydney's Innovation Hub and hosted by the Sydney Informatics Hub., contributed to research by Associate Professor Adam Dunn, from the Faculty of Medicine and Health, on vaccine sentiment from Twitter posts.

2020 winners

  • $2250 to Simon Cai for equal highest classification score for the Twitter dataset.
  • $2250 to Benoit Berthelier for equal highest classification score for the Twitter dataset.
  • Artemis Prize of $500 to the team of Charles Hyland, Alexey Vlaskin, Xuanchi Liu, Eduardo Altmann,and  Lamiae Azizi, for using the most novel techniques and approaching the problem with revealing insights.