Vet team treating a small dog

Donate to animals in need

Help at-risk animals receive lifesaving care
With your support, we can treat the pets of those who can't afford vet care, help koalas survive climate change and protect Tassie devils from extinction.

Help sick or injured pets

Donate to support animals in need

Dr Muller treating a cat at the University of Sydney Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Animals in Need

What happens to a sick or injured animal whose owner cannot afford to pay for its veterinary care? 

Animals in Need makes sure any animal gets the veterinary care they need. From dogs and cats to snakes and spiders, we provide the best possible care for vulnerable patients, all thanks to the generous support of people like you.

Student vets treating a puppy

Vet students volunteer at the HopeStreet Pet Clinic.

HopeStreet Pet Clinic

It can be confronting for a person experiencing homelessness or disadvantage to have a pet needing veterinary care. For many marginalised people, their pet may be their closest companion.

With the support of people like you, we're able to run a monthly pop-up clinic, HopeStreet, which offers free vet care to animals in need.

Save Australian native animals

Dr Valentina Mella holding a koala

Dr Valentina Mella with an at-risk koala in Gunnedah, NSW

Help koalas survive climate change

For koalas living in the Eastern states, extreme temperatures are drying out the eucalyptus leaves that once provided them with all the water they required. Dr Valentina Mella has discovered that koalas will supplement their water needs at drinking stations during extreme weather.

With your help, we can set up more koala drinking stations in threatened koala communities.

Tasmanian devil in a hole

We have lost 85% of the Tasmanian devil population to a type of cancer.

Protect the Tasmanian devil

Extinction once seemed inevitable for the Tasmanian devil, but on an expedition to the state's remote southwest, researchers made a discovery that could help protect the species. 

With your support, we can send more researchers into the region and be one step closer to saving this incredible creature.

How to donate

When you make a donation to the University, you can choose to support pets and Australian animals in need:

  1. If you'd like to give online, you can donate to one of our animal projects.
  2. Otherwise, you can leave a bequest in your will, make a one-off or regular donation, or donate in honour or memory of someone
  3. Contact us and we can work with you to find the best fit for your donation.



How your donation can save animals