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Why support our cardiovascular disease research?

It is a sad truth that most people will know someone who is affected by cardiovascular disease in their lifetime. Our researchers are working hard to change this. 

By bringing together the brightest minds from around the world, we are looking further than biology to fight cardiovascular disease. We're looking at the bigger picture.

Our unique approach sees researchers across disciplines collaborating on a common goal -  to gain a greater understanding of diseases and ultimately save lives. 

Thanks to the generosity and support of donors, we can progress our innovative research and community education. Together, we can make a difference. 

A vision for a better world

Dr Sean Lal

Dr Sean Lal lost his father to heart disease. 

When Dr Sean Lal was just a teenager, heart disease took the life of his father.

Today, almost 24 years later, Dr Lal and his research team at the University of Sydney are on the verge of exciting discoveries that could create a better world for millions of people.

Dr Lal’s research builds on a very precious resource of more than 17,000 samples of human hearts collected by medical researchers over the past 30 years.

New advancements in technology mean Dr Lal and his team can further progress their research, including sequencing the heart tissue samples. This could provide the vital clues they need to help prevent Australia’s leading cause of death.

Dr Lal is incredibly proud. “We are talking about possibly the biggest study of human heart failure ever undertaken in the world to create a not-for-profit resource that would be available to leading Australian and international researchers in heart failure.” 

Through this research, we may be able to prolong the life of someone else like my dad who has had heart failure. We could even prevent heart failure from happening in the first place.
Dr Sean Lal

As part of their research, Dr Lal and his incredible team are aiming to sequence thousands of heart tissue samples stored at a state-of-the-art biobanking facility at the University. This involves analysing the heart tissue and recording the results in a large database that is accessible to his team and other leading heart researchers around the globe.

Dr Sean Lal in the lab

“We want to characterise every single gene, every single protein, every single enzyme in each sample of the heart.

Then we will be able to better understand the reasons why certain hearts fail. And that could lead to brand new discoveries that will ultimately help to reverse or prevent heart failure,” explains Dr Lal.

Dr Lal’s research isn’t just about learning more about human hearts. It is ultimately about saving lives.

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Facts & figures

  • What are the symptoms of heart disease?
  • Chest pain
  • Sudden speech problems
  • Difficulty with mobility
  • 1 in 4 deaths are caused by heart disease

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