Emergency bursaries

Helping students through hardship
For students experiencing financial hardship, emergency bursaries provide immediate relief to cover basic expenses like housing, food and study essentials.

The challenges faced by students from disadvantaged backgrounds don't stop once they secure a place at university. Housing and employment insecurity, combined with rising cost-of-living pressures, is compounding financial stress for many students.

Often the only jobs available to students are on a casual basis, which is highly insecure and lacks many of the benefits of permanent work such as paid sick leave and regular hours. When disaster strikes, many students find themselves living off credit cards, worrying about covering basic expenses and considering abandoning their studies.

By donating to student bursaries, you can provide a lifeline to students on the verge of giving up on their education and their dreams. Your support will ensure they can continue to receive an education, opening many advantages for their future.

Donate to emergency bursaries

Your gift to emergency bursaries allows us to be ready to help whenever students face uncertainty. You can make an online donation today to the Student Bursaries Fund or contact us with any questions or assistance with: 

  • setting up a recurring gift
  • creating a legacy with a gift in your Will
  • enabling a specific vision for your gift

The Student Bursaries Fund is available to all undergraduate and postgraduate students requiring emergency financial relief and is designed to help cover essential living and study expenses (apart from fees and non-essential items).  We provide students in need with emergency bursaries of up to $2,000. The amount awarded varies and is determined case-by-case, on a need basis.

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