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Official visits

Welcoming visitors to the University of Sydney
The Office of Global Engagement’s Official Visits Program welcomes distinguished visitors from international universities, research organisations and government bodies around the world.

Official visits make an important contribution to our culture, shared experiences and thinking, and help us to develop sustainable collaborative relationships. With the gradual relaxation of Covid restrictions, we are now welcoming visitors both in person on campus as well as virtually.

We encourage representatives of international universities, research organisations and government bodies to request an official visit to the University of Sydney via the 'Request to visit' portal button to the right to ensure the proper development of a program in which to help you share experiences, information, and ideas with our community, and to develop sustainable collaborative relationships.

Making an official request


Consider when you would like to virtually visit the University of Sydney.


Consider what you would like to get out of your visit.


Make a list of all the visitors in your party.


Fill out our online official visit request form at least one month before you plan to visit.


The International Liaison will then attempt to match visit requests with University resources and advise you of the outcome of the request.

Visiting Sydney

Australia’s biggest city, Sydney is consistently ranked as one of the world’s best cities for quality of living and safety.

From stunning Sydney Harbour to iconic beaches such as Bondi, Sydney's natural beauty is world famous. The wider city area is home to gorgeous national parks where you can encounter Australian wildlife, hidden waterfalls and private beaches.

The city is surrounded by coastline to the east, the Blue Mountains to the west and bushland to the north and south.

Sydney is one of the most multicultural cities in the world, with a proudly diverse and inclusive culture; only 17% of inhabitants were born in Australia. This multiculturalism has shaped the local customs, leisure activities, cultural scene, shops and cuisine.

Within a short walk of our Camperdown Campus, you can find restaurants serving Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Mexican, Indian, Pakistani, Spanish, Chinese, Malaysian, Greek, Lebanese and Turkish food.

Campus location

The University of Sydney boasts 11 campuses  located throughout the eastern seaboard of Australia and a Centre in China. 

Our main campus is located on our Camperdown/Darlington Campus being on the site of Australia’s first university campus, established in 1850. 


The University of Sydney

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