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2023 Inventor Mentoring Program

A mentor program for researchers
Inventor Mentoring is a mentor program for researchers who are considering the real-world impact that their research may have, and who have no or very little experience with commercialisation.
inventor mentor program

Through this program, researchers will be matched with external mentors who are there to provide support, guidance, and connections for those who may be thinking about market opportunities for the first time.

Program guidelines can be found here.

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Who is this for?

This program is for researchers who are interested in seeing their research applied in the real-world but have little or no experience or confidence with commercialisation.

Participants must be a researcher (staff or higher degree researcher) at the University of Sydney at the start and for the duration of the program.

The purpose of this program is to give researchers who are new to commercialisation a safe, friendly, thoughtful external partner who has experience in supporting research entrepreneurs. 

The program aims to help researchers: 

  • Connect to an entrepreneurial community of support. 
  • Develop confidence in commercial understanding. 
  • Build interpersonal skills as related to communicating research. 
  • Develop an understanding of what it takes to get a technology, process, or other invention to market. 
  • Have ongoing conversations and guidance to develop a commercialisation strategy for their research.

The program provides an opportunity for mentees and mentors to develop a trusting relationship by meeting regularly and discussing matters relating to career development. Enhance collaboration and communication throughout the Portfolio and cross-University, enabling staff to connect with others outside their direct team.

2022 Participant program results
Graph showing satfisfaction ratings of 2022 mentees

The 2022 Mentees said their next steps as a result of the program included:

  • "I have started serious discussions for the incorporation of a company."
  • "We are capital raising and about to do a simulated clinical trial."
  • "I am starting an internship with a medtech company that's aligned with my research area... for hands-on experience."

...and many others say they are now hunting for industry partners.

The full report can be found here (pdf, 835KB)

Our pool of external mentors are wonderful supporters of research commercialisation, and are there to encourage and support you, help you brainstorm, and connect you to others that may be able to help.

They consist of alumni, venture capital friends of Sydney Knowledge Hub, and other experienced professionals.  We will match mentees with mentors that have experience in their particular area.

If you want to become a Mentor, reach out to:

Jane Cockburn
Program Manager, Sydney Knowledge Hub

Mentor Sessions (for mentors and mentees)

  • 12pm-1:30pm | Thursday 19th October 2023
  • 12pm-1:30pm | Thursday 9th November 2023
  • 12pm-1:30pm | Thursday 7th December 2023
  • 12pm-1:30pm | Thursday 15th February 2024
  • 12pm-1:30pm | Thursday 14th March 2024
  • 12pm-1:30pm | Thursday 11th April 2024

Workshops (for mentees only)

  • Workshop 1 : 2pm-4:30pm | Thursday 23rd November 2023
  • Workshop 2 : 2pm-4:30pm | Thursday 8th February 2024
  • Workshop 3 : 2pm-4:30pm | Thursday 7th March 2024

Program Guidelines:

To learn more about the commitment and the format of the program, click here. If you have any questions about the program, please contact:

Jane Cockburn
Program Manager, Sydney Knowledge Hub

This program is an incredible opportunity for researchers who want to see their research ideas come to life in the real world but have little or no experience with commercialisation. It’s a friendly and safe environment where you can build confidence in commercial understanding with additional workshops to help facilitate this.
A participant in 2022