Andi Health

Combining research and expertise to create an innovative health guidance program.

Sydney Knowledge Hub member Andi Health is using the latest tech, health research and data to make staying healthy easier.

Andi Health team

The Andi Health team are partnering with the University of Sydney on an innovative health guidance program.

Sydney Knowledge Hub members, Andi Health, acknowledge how difficult it can be to make long term healthy changes.  Driven by serial entrepreneur, Luke Grana's preventable health decline, his innovative team are utilising the latest research and the expertise of health researchers and digital health informatic engineers to help people get healthy and stay healthy.

The team at Andi Health, who run their research-driven startup out of Sydney Knowledge Hub, have partnered with the University of Sydney to build and launch an innovative health guidance program which combines the latest research, technology, health devices - activity trackers, smart scales, and blood pressure monitors - with health analytics and one-on-one in-person health coaching in an affordable monthly subscription. The program allows users to target one or more goals, including: weight loss or maintenance management, blood pressure management, and sleep improvement.

Luke Grana, CEO and Co-founder of Andi Health said:

“We have been based at the Sydney Knowledge Hub for 15 months and love all the support. We have collaborated with the Charles Perkins Centre and Professor Corinne Caillaud on a co-design workshop with 60 participants to understand users' priorities from a proactive health platform. The Andi Health program was designed from feedback based on the co-design workshop, including insights on these six themes: Behaviour Change, Personalisation, Goals, Health Devices, Health Data and Analytics and Health Coaching. Our Head Health Coach is currently creating our coaching framework built around these themes to empower their members to reach their health goals."

Andi Health kit

Looking to lose weight, manage your blood pressure or improve your sleep?

Andi are currently signing up founding members to be part of their 1,000 soft launch trial, and you could be one of them.

Reserve your spot for just $59 and Andi will send you your Andi box of devices in June to commence your six-month program. Andi has a special University of Sydney friends discount of 20% off the first $59. Please use code: (sydneyuni20) at checkout. 

Reserve your place as a founding member  here

Want to partner with Andi? 

Andi are on the lookout for partners and collaborators to join the Andi Health team. They are searching for health coaches, researchers, and digital health informatics engineers. To partner or collaborate, please email the Andi team at or send a message