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Digital Sciences Initiative

A catalyst for digital industries and digital societies

Our ambitious vision to build world-class capabilities in research and education across the span of digital sciences and technologies.

The world has entered a fourth industrial revolution. Digital Sciences is driving the disruptive and ubiquitous application of digital technologies that are transforming every aspect of modern business, government and society.

COVID-19 has furthered our reliance on digital technologies. Future economic growth and prosperity, jobs, and societal resilience will be enabled by investment in digital sciences.

Our Digital Sciences Initiative is a unique opportunity for NSW and Sydney to seize a nationally and internationally leading position in the digital revolution:

  • as a driving force in fundamental digital science and digital technology research; 
  • as a catalyst for the creation and transformation of digital industries; 
  • as the place where the conversation about digital futures and digital societies takes place; and 
  • where a new generation of digital scientists, engineers, and social entrepreneurs is mentored and trained.