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Digital Sciences Initiative

A catalyst for digital industries and digital societies

Our ambitious vision to build world-class capabilities in research and education across the span of digital sciences and technologies.

The world has entered a fourth industrial revolution. Digital Sciences is driving the disruptive and ubiquitous application of digital technologies that are transforming every aspect of modern business, government and society.

COVID-19 has furthered our reliance on digital technologies. Future economic growth and prosperity, jobs, and societal resilience will be enabled by investment in digital sciences.

Our Digital Sciences Initiative is a unique opportunity for NSW and Sydney to seize a nationally and internationally leading position in the digital revolution:

  • as a driving force in fundamental digital science and digital technology research; 
  • as a catalyst for the creation and transformation of digital industries; 
  • as the place where the conversation about digital futures and digital societies takes place; and 
  • where a new generation of digital scientists, engineers, and social entrepreneurs is mentored and trained.

Digital Sciences Initiative Board

Governance Chair: Dr Tim Fountaine

“Digital sciences are helping reimagine industries in every corner of the economy. Amongst other things, they hold the potential to increase productivity, help people live longer and enable us to navigate the energy transition. DSI was set up to accelerate this process, making Sydney a hub for researchers, teachers, businesses, investors, and governments to tackle ambitious challenges. The DSI board has a mixture of people from the University, industry, and government, with the full range of skills necessary to guide DSI on its mission.” Dr Tim Fountaine.


  • DVC-R
  • VP Strategy
  • VP External Engagement


  • Woolworths
  • Google
  • Appen
  • McKinsey & Company
  • Greater Cities Commission
  • Nanosonics