30 September 2019

Biomedical engineer recognised by Royal Society of NSW

University of Sydney biomedical engineering Professor Hala Zreiqat AM has been recognised by her peers for ongoing contributions in her field by Royal Society of New South Wales, the oldest scientific society in the state.
26 September 2019

Understanding the global transport sector

Population growth and increased travel has created an urgent need for better transport systems in global cities. A shift towards analysing, designed and implementing future-focused transport is needed - and it's going to transform the way we travel.
23 September 2019

ARC Laureate Fellowship for applied physics and surface engineer

University of Sydney researcher Professor Marcela Bilek has been awarded $3.3 million to engage in innovative biomedical research after being named a recipient of the prestigious Australian Laureate Fellowship scheme, funded by the Australian Research Council.
23 September 2019

Intelligent engineering the key to harnessing the power of data

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are revolutionising the way we work. Our Intelligent Information Engineering specialisation trains engineers to use AI as a tool to process data, in order to solve real-world problems.
17 September 2019

Engineering for the future

The emergence of new technology has caused a surge in demand for graduates skilled in AI, cybersecurity and big data. Find out how our degrees will prepare you to meet the challenges of this technology-driven future.