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Advanced computing

Computing can provide solutions to society’s greatest challenges

Computing and information systems help us use data to improve the way the world works. From smartphones and drones to transport networks, smart cities and the Internet of Things, most innovations need software to drive them.

What is computing and information technology?

Computing and information technology pervade nearly every aspect of our lives. We use software when we self checkout at the supermarket or check in at the airport. When a lift directs us to the floor we select, this is due to the work of a software system.

From running a bank to the temperature of an operating theatre, computing and information systems help us gather and translate data that controls the way the world functions. Beyond the everyday, software can provide the solutions to society’s greatest challenges in health, finance, defence and government. 

A career in computing

  • Write software for organisations of all sizes, invent new types of code, provide consultancy on information communications technology decision-making or develop new ways to process large complex datasets.
  • Work in an established company like Microsoft, Oracle and Google, or launch your own startup.
  • Become a Big Data developer, information security analyst, software project manager, computer programmer or web developer, among many other career options.
  • See a direct positive impact of your work, potentially for millions of people around the world.
  • Flexible work hours and a dynamic work environment enable a good work-life balance.
  • International work opportunities, right from the start of your career.
  • Graduate salaries start at $71-82K per annum (Glassdoor).

Why study computing with us?

There are many reasons to choose our Bachelor of Advanced Computing as your first preference. 

  • Choose from four computing majors: Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Software Development and Computational Data Science.
  • As one of Australia's most innovative computing courses, you can also complete a second major, combining your passion for computing with one of more than 100 cross-disciplinary majors from music and marketing to visual arts and linguistics.
  • Combine your new-found computing skills with your entrepreneurial drive to launch something exciting through Incubate.
  • By studying computing at the University of Sydney, you’ll develop the creativity, originality and problem-solving skills that employers across many sectors value most.
  • As a final-year student, you’ll work with one of our 1200+ industry partners on an actual business challenge.
  • Broaden your career prospects by combining your Bachelor of Advanced Computing with a second degree in commerce, science, health  science or medical science. Combined degrees are five years in length – this means you do just one extra year to attain two full qualifications.
  • This degree is accredited by the Australian Computer Society.

Konstantin (Kosta) Dunn

Konstantin (Kosta) Dunn
“The problems you solve in computer science have real-world applications. There aren't many other fields that have such a direct connection between what you learn in class and what you do outside.”
Bachelor of Advanced Computing