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Juris Doctor at the University of Sydney

Find out more about the Sydney Juris Doctor and learn how the JD can, not only prepare you for legal practice in the modern global age, but help you develop your skills of analysis, research, writing and advocacy. This webinar will help you find out how you can embark on your legal journey and learn from some of the world's leading experts in law.

Sydney Law School Student Panel Discussion

In this panel discussion, we hear from some of our current students and ask why they decided to study law at Sydney. They also share their experience of what it is like studying at Sydney Law School and the opportunities they’re most looking forward to. 

Postgraduate Masterclass Series - May 2021

These masterclasses allow you to experience a class from one of our degrees. Explore a topic of interest and get a taste of the curriculum, from those who teach it. View the recorded masterclass series below.

International Humanitarian Law: New domains in the armed conflict - is the law keeping up?

This class will introduce you to new technologies and domains in armed conflict, and explore whether the law, as it currently exists, is keeping up with new technologies like autonomous weapons, nanotechnology, cyber war, biomedical enhancement of soldiers, and warfare in outer space. The class will explore how laws created over 100 years ago are (and are not) adapting the challenges presented by rapid technological advancements. 

The purpose of the corporation in corporate law

This session will discuss how the law regulates boards of directors by requiring them to act in the best interests of the corporation. Does this mean only shareholders, or can boards act in the interests of customers, employees and suppliers? This masterclass delivers content from Corporations Law (LAWS5014).

Skin, Flesh and Skeletons: Criminal Responsibility and the Criminal Law 

This masterclass will introduce students to the concept of criminal responsibility, the bone structure of the criminal law. It will outline the significance of criminal responsibility and its historical development to the modern day. It will also provide an overview of controversies in this area (such as cases of non-responsibility like Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik).

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