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2020: all news


12 August 2020

Live from the Lab

Musicians from the Conservatorium of Music have been working alongside scientists and engineers from the Sydney Nano Institute, composing new music inspired by their emotional response to Grand Challenges, the flagship projects at Sydney Nano.
11 August 2020

The challenges that come with being a horse dentist

Don't like going to the dentist? Think how it would be if you were a horse. With a mouthful of large, hard-to-access teeth, horses are a challenge for the dental problem solvers at the Camden Equine Centre.
11 August 2020

Preserving the history of our precious sandstone buildings

The University of Sydney is one of a rare breed, having some of the finest, grandest sandstone buildings in Australia. But with great buildings comes great responsibility to maintain them.
11 August 2020

Why are young men more likely to believe COVID-19 myths than other groups?

We need to involve young people in the design of COVID-19 messages to get the delivery right, if we are to convince them to socialise less and follow prevention advice, writes University of Sydney researches.
11 August 2020

Feeling glum? 10 positive stories you may have missed

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is still some good happening in the world. Here are ten of the University of Sydney's most promising and positive stories that you may have missed.
11 August 2020

Gambling frequency reduced during first wave of COVID-19

A survey by the Gambling Treatment and Research Clinic into the impact of the coronavirus in Australia found a majority reduced their gambling during the first shutdown but about one in 10 increased how often they gambled.

10 August 2020

How the shady world of the data industry strips away our freedoms

Practices of big technology companies pose threats to our privacy and democracy, writes Associate Professor Uri Gal from the University of Sydney Business School.
07 August 2020

Virgin Australia on life support

The private equity takeover of Virgin offers a lifeline to the struggling airline, but is unlikely to amount to more than that, writes Associate Professor of Economics, Mark Melatos, for The Conversation.
06 August 2020

New global industry standard on mine tailings aims for zero harm

Sydney's UNESCO Professor of Marine Science Elaine Baker is a member of the international advisory panel that oversaw the development of the new protocols.
05 August 2020

"I'm not addicted!" Kids have a right to play - even digitally

Children adopt the word "addicted" to describe a game as fun or to say how long they played it. But adults use it as a pathology - and that can harm kids.