29 September 2020

Vale Susan Ryan

Following the recent passing of Susan Ryan, the University of Sydney community pays tribute to Australia's first female minister who was an alumna of the University.
29 September 2020

Covert tobacco industry marketing tactics exposed by former employees

Changes to the current tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship laws are urgently needed in Australia, says University of Sydney researchers.
29 September 2020

Eleven Eureka Prize finalists

Eleven University of Sydney individuals and groups have been named as Eureka Prize finalists in recognition of their excellent scientific research, leadership and engagement.
29 September 2020

Stephen Bartlett elected Fellow of the American Physical Society

For his contribution to quantum information theory, APS Physics, the de facto professional organisation for the world's physicists, has elected Stephen Bartlett to become one of its fellows.
28 September 2020

More than fiscal stimulus: an alternate plan to reboot the economy

Assembled by the Sydney Policy Lab, businesses, community groups, unions and academics have united to propose an alternative economic strategy and future for Australia.
28 September 2020

Australians want to work from home more post-COVID

More Australians want to work from home an average of two days per week after the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a survey by the University of Sydney Business School.
25 September 2020

Low level alcohol use during pregnancy can impact child's brain development

A new study finds any alcohol use during pregnancy, even low levels, is associated with subtle, yet significant behavioural and psychological effects in children including anxiety, depression and poor attention.
24 September 2020

New strategic partnership to strengthen Australian civil society

COVID-19 has exposed and exacerbated social and economic issues in Australian society. The Sydney Policy Lab and the Paul Ramsay Foundation will work with civil society organisations to learn how to address these issues now, and into the future.
24 September 2020

University of Sydney to advance COVID-19 DNA vaccine to human trials

The University of Sydney is testing a novel DNA-based COVID-19 vaccine with the goal of being administered using a needle-free system.
24 September 2020

What is driving people's decision to withdraw their superannuation?

New research by the ARC Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research (CEPAR) and Cbus has shown that urgent short-term needs for funds are driving people's decision to withdraw some or all of their superannuation savings under the COVID-19 Early Release Scheme.