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30 November 2020

Technology fast-tracks hydrogen-fuelled future

University of Sydney researchers have developed an efficient process to convert water into hydrogen - a breakthrough in the development of this clean energy resource.
30 November 2020

Why single, older women without children face economic insecurity

A first-of-its-kind study examining the economic security of single older women without children has busted the myth that people without children must have uninterrupted careers and healthy retirement savings.
27 November 2020

Vale Jim Wolfensohn

Following his passing in New York, the University pays tribute to renowned lawyer, economist, philanthropist and alumnus James Wolfensohn.
27 November 2020

Seven researchers elected to prestigious academies

The new fellows are elected in recognition of their distinguished achievement in humanities, computer science, and biomedical and materials engineering.
27 November 2020

The geologist and the war

Tannatt Edgeworth David was a pioneering geologist and Professor of Geology. He was also a national war hero.
26 November 2020

9 ways to keep your pet cool during a heatwave

Dr Anne Quain, clinical vet and lecturer in the Sydney School of Veterinary Science, offers tips on keeping your pets safe from heat stress.
26 November 2020

New global guidelines on physical activity and sedentary behaviour

University of Sydney academics are part of a select group of international experts who provided leadership and contributed to the development and dissemination of the new WHO Guidelines on physical activity and sedentary behaviour launched today.
26 November 2020

Unexpected discovery about stem cell immortality: study

Independent groups of scientists investigating telomeres and stem cells have reported what lies behind the immortality of stem cells - what a leading Australian researcher calls "the most unexpected result of my career''.
25 November 2020

When there is good vaccine news - efficacy is only the beginning of the story

Recent news from global COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials have been encouraging, however we are only at the beginning of the story and must continue to monitor whether any approved vaccine is safe and effective, writes Associate Professor Nicholas Wood.
25 November 2020

Electric 'aero-ambulance' developed at the University of Sydney

'Vertiia', designed to take off like a helicopter and fly like a plane, will improve patient transfer times and safety. It aims to be the most efficient and longest range eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) aircraft globally.