27 February 2020

4 myths about PCOS - and why they're wrong

New research shows it can be common for women to be misdiagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome. Lead author PhD candidate Tessa Copp and colleagues explain the issues, including erroneously equating PCOS with infertility.
27 February 2020

To save these seahorses, we built them 5-star underwater hotels

Endangered Australian seahorses are thriving in new habitats that act like underwater hotels. International species may also be saved by trial "seahorse hotels" in Europe, the United States and Southeast Asia.
27 February 2020

New era for historic Nicholson Museum

After 160 years the University's Nicholson Museum is shutting its doors and moving the collection to the Chau Chak Wing Museum.
27 February 2020

Brain disease found in former Australian rules player

A degenerative brain disease linked with repetitive head injury has been identified in a former Australian rules football player for the first time.
26 February 2020

Opioid prescriptions for chronic non-cancer pain doubled in 24 years

A review of 24 years of global research has shown opioid prescribing doubled between 1991-2015, with demand most common for chronic conditions such as chronic lower back pain, finds University of Sydney-led research.
25 February 2020

How we're celebrating Mardi Gras: 5 minutes with Michelle Dickson

Mardi Gras is around the corner and this year's theme is What Matters? We caught up with Dr Michelle Dickson about what matters to her as a proud Aboriginal woman and member of the LGBTIQ community.
25 February 2020

University of Sydney sociologist bound for the IAS in Princeton

Associate Professor Sonja Van Wichelen has been invited to join the prestigious Institute of Advanced Study in Princeton (IAS), which counts Albert Einstein and J. Robert Oppenheimer among its past members.
22 February 2020

Peter Weiss gives four million for lung research

Renowned Sydney businessman and philanthropist Peter Weiss AO is advancing medical knowledge of lung disease with $4 million of funding for critical research. 

21 February 2020

The huge history of big hair bows

Hair bows may seem like cutesy accessories, but their facade is deceptively simple. Honorary research fellow in in digital cultures, Dr Fiona Andreallo, unravels the meaning behind the grosgrain.
21 February 2020

New research demonstrates safety of phage therapy in patients

Researchers are looking into the potential of phage therapy to combat antibiotic resistance, with recent work suggesting there are no adverse reactions when given to patients with blood infections.