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11 February 2020

Too cute to cull? When public opinion and scientific advice clash

Controlling feral animals and their impact on our environment and native animals can hit a snag when the public regard them as 'loveable'. How can governments get people on board with the science?
11 February 2020

'Rule breaking' plants may be climate change survivors

Plants that break some of the 'rules' of ecology by adapting in unconventional ways may have a higher chance of surviving climate change, according to new research.
11 February 2020

Strength training can help protect the brain from degeneration

For the first time, an intervention - lifting weights - has been able to slow and even halt degeneration, over a long period, in brain areas particularly vulnerable to Alzheimer's disease.
10 February 2020

Sydney researchers make coronavirus breakthrough

A team of health and medical experts at the University of Sydney and NSW Health, working around the clock, has grown the live virus to help diagnose and contain its spread.
10 February 2020

Common medication may lower risk of 'broken heart' during bereavement

The increased risk of heart attack or "a broken heart" in early bereavement could be reduced by using common medication in a novel way, according to a study led by the University of Sydney and funded by Heart Research Australia.
10 February 2020

Oscars retrospective: Steven Spielberg's Jaws

Though now controversial for its portrayal of sharks as man-eaters, Jaws was - and remains - a groundbreaking cinematic feat. Film studies expert Associate Professor Bruce Isaacs explains what makes it a classic.
10 February 2020

New material created to clean up fossil fuel industry

Researchers at the University of Sydney have created a new material that has the potential to reduce CO2 emissions released during the refinement process of crude oil by up to 28 percent.
07 February 2020

Should Australia ban petrol cars?

Britain has announced it will ban petrol and hybrid cars by 2035. University of Sydney experts comment on whether Australia can and should adopt a similar policy.
06 February 2020

8 things we do that really confuse our dogs

Dogs really don't want to be hugged or left alone. And they can't understand why we don't eat from the bin. Professor Paul McGreevy and Dr Melissa Starling explain why human behaviour can be confusing.
06 February 2020

University of Sydney Library seeks its next Printer in Residence

Talented letterpress printers and artists are invited to apply for the 2020 Printer in Residence Program, an 8-week residency that provides a unique opportunity to develop works using the Library's Albion Press workshop.