30 April 2020

The earth cannot wait

Drawing on an international grant, the Sydney Environment Institute will explore climate justice through Indigenous and multispecies lenses.
30 April 2020

How to control an influenza outbreak without a specific vaccine

A group of pandemic modelling experts from the University of Sydney's Faculty of Engineering have published new research that simulated viral influenza outbreaks to examine the efficacy of pandemic interventions in the absence of a tailored vaccine.
29 April 2020

How behavioural economics insights can aid COVID-19 compliance

To avoid a second wave of the coronavirus, Australians must continue to comply with 'stay at home' and other health-related orders. Professor Robert Slonim and colleagues explain a way to help achieve this.
28 April 2020

Experts examine the COVID-19 tracing app

University of Sydney academics from the disciplines of cybersecurity, media, law and health comment on COVIDSafe, the COVID-19 contact tracing app released by the federal government.
28 April 2020

$2.5m YOUTHe launched for national approach to mental health

An NHMRC-funded Centre of Research Excellence focusing on youth and mental health is launched as experts prepare for a spike in mental health issues in the wake of COVID-19.

28 April 2020

Eddie Woo's study tips for year 12 and the HSC during coronavirus

While HSC students are poised to make a gradual return to classrooms over the coming weeks, studies will continue to be disrupted this year. We asked one of the country's best teachers to share his advice on how to learn and study at home.
28 April 2020

Sydney transforms Master of Commerce to prepare students for future of work

The University of Sydney Business School has transformed the Master of Commerce, with a greater focus on core skills that will be in-demand in future workplaces.
27 April 2020

Coronavirus: animal disease detectives to be trained across SE Asia & Pacific

Project work in 11 countries funded by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade will aim to prevent spread of zoonotic and animal diseases. Associate Professor Navneet Dhand from Veterinary Science leads the multi-agency program.
27 April 2020

Ultra-precision nano-sensor could detect iron disorders

The University of Sydney's Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials Research Unit and the Australian Research Centre for Innovative BioEngineeing have developed a hypersensitive nano-sensor to detect harmful "free" iron disorders.
27 April 2020

COVID-19 research funding boosts Sydney-led projects

Researchers from the University of Sydney lead several projects recently announced by the Australian Government as part of its national coordinated COVID-19 research response.