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14 April 2020

Remembering the Anzacs from home

Anzac Day services have been cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions, but April 25 is still the perfect time to learn and reflect and even enjoy a special live-streamed carillon performance.
14 April 2020

Synthetic material could help heal injured tendons and ligaments

University of Sydney biomedical engineers have collaborated with Columbia University and the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg to develop a synthetic material to assist in the regeneration of injured tendons and ligaments.
14 April 2020

US COVID-19 deaths "poorly predicted" by IHME model

An international group of data scientists led by the University of Sydney's Centre for Translational Data Science has found that over 70 percent of US states had death rates that were inconsistent with IHME predictions.
09 April 2020

Sweet as: the science of how diet can change the way sugar tastes

The food animals eat can change how they perceive future food. This response uses the same machinery that the brain uses to learn, new research has found.
09 April 2020

COVID-19: Time is now to prepare for the next coronavirus outbreak

Professor Edward Holmes - who helped map the COVID-19 virus genome - issues a call to action to limit the impact of this coronavirus and prepare for any future outbreaks.
09 April 2020

How to make sure your dog doesn't get canine cabin fever

As coronavirus forces us to isolate, some pundits are suggesting now is the ideal time to bring a dog into your life. But our experts in the Sydney School of Veterinary Science say you need to think first before taking on a puppy.
08 April 2020

COVID-19: Ethics framework to help guide clinical decision making

Clinicians have turned to ethicists at the University of Sydney to help guide thinking about processes for crucial decision-making in anticipation of mounting pressure on healthcare systems due to the coronavirus.
08 April 2020

First study on the health conditions of adults one month into COVID-19 lockdown

A new preliminary study provides some of the earliest pieces of evidence that the COVID-19 outbreak affected people mentally as well as physically.
08 April 2020

Uncovering the secrets of ancient Egypt

The modest Egyptian coffin sat quietly for decades with no-one guessing its mystery. When the mummy within was finally discovered, it offered an opportunity to gain new insights into the glories of that ancient civilisation. The question was, how to start?
08 April 2020

Social media vital for pregnant women during pandemic

Antenatal care information accessed through official social media accounts can help support the mental wellbeing of pregnant women during the COVID-19 pandemic and country lockdowns.