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24 April 2020

Statement on JobKeeper Payment scheme

The University Executive believes the University is eligible to receive funding under the recently announced JobKeeper Payment for entities that have been significantly affected by the economic impacts of COVID-19.
24 April 2020

Beyond Zoom: students immerse themselves in virtual reality classes

As COVID-19 continues to pause in-person teaching, a psychology class on virtual reality therapies enters a new dimension.
24 April 2020

Coronavirus contact-tracing apps: most of us won't cooperate unless everyone does

As governments look to ease general social-distancing measures and instead use more targeted strategies to stop coronavirus transmission, we face a social dilemma about the limits of cooperative behaviour, writes Dr Stefan Volk.
23 April 2020

Global soil library will help us better know the living skin of planet Earth

A global initiative led by the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization has this week launched the Soil Spectral Calibration Library. The University is a founding member of the project.
23 April 2020

An extract from Stephen Garton's 'The Cost of War'

In Chapter 1 of his new book, Professor of History and Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor Stephen Garton writes of soldiers' feelings upon their return from battle.
22 April 2020

Sydney leads in world university Impact Rankings

Sydney has placed first in Australia and second globally in the Times Higher Education Impact Rankings, which focus on the twin issues of protecting the environment while addressing inequality through sustainable development.
22 April 2020

Survey shows use of medicinal cannabis for inflammatory bowel disease

A quarter of Australians with inflammatory bowel disease report medicinal cannabis eases their symptoms, according to a new survey from the Lambert Initiative for Cannabinoid Therapeutics.
22 April 2020

Text service to support at-risk respiratory patients during COVID-19

While many hospital services are on pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Sydney University researchers have established a free text service to help people with existing chronic respiratory diseases.
22 April 2020

Egg-laying lizard also gives live birth. Is this evolution before our eyes?

Only a handful of vertebrates have evolved to lay eggs and also give live birth. The Australian three-toed skink may be in the process of transitioning from egg-laying to giving live birth.
21 April 2020

A war, then a pandemic: remembering veteran alumni from 1919

Between 1918-19, the Spanish flu devastated Australia, including many of its World War One veterans. Here are the stories of two of them, who were also University of Sydney alumni.