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02 March 2021

Funding to support mental wellbeing of international students

Dr Isabella Choi from the University of Sydney is leading a project to provide better support for the mental wellbeing of Chinese international students through the use of an online program.
26 February 2021

Sydney opens state-of-the-art Susan Wakil Health Building

The Susan Wakil Health Building, a world-class facility purpose built to support the future health workforce and meet the health challenges of our time, was opened today.
23 February 2021

From missions to makarraṯa

The Yolŋu process of makarraṯa, promoting shared understanding to find a unified path forward, has underpinned a flagship exhibition, and a related book, at the University's new Chau Chak Wing Museum.
19 February 2021

Entrepreneurship excellence in INCUBATE's 2021 intake

INCUBATE, Australia's first university-based accelerator program, has announced the ten start-ups accepted for this year's program. The multi award-winning program at the University of Sydney mentors and funds students, alumni and researchers to launch start-ups through its accelerator program.

16 February 2021

Lynette Riley for NSW Aboriginal Woman of the Year

Associate Professor Lynette Riley, an Indigenous education expert, is on the shortlist for an award that recognises a role model who promotes economic, cultural and/or social wellbeing of Aboriginal people in NSW.
02 February 2021

More affordable student housing in Darlington

A group of University of Sydney owned terraces on Darlington Road will be refurbished as part of a $40 million project designed to provide safer and more affordable accommodation for students.
02 February 2021

University community recognised with Australia Day honours

The University of Sydney congratulates our staff and alumni who have been acknowledged in the Australia Day Honours List 2021.

01 February 2021

Millennials aren't the only 'burnout generation' (just ask the rest of us)

COVID has been accompanied by a seemingly permanent state of angst. But it is not just a pandemic that has many experiencing burnout, writes Dr Steven Hitchcock from the University of Sydney Business School.
21 January 2021

Migrant teachers offered path to Australian accreditation

Teachers with overseas qualifications and years of experience can now fast-track their accreditation into Australian schools with a bridging course developed by University of Sydney.
11 January 2021

Major new exhibition explores the Coastline

One of 18 exhibitions at the new Chau Chak Wing Museum is an art history tour of seashores and beaches in Australia and overseas.