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19 July 2024

Quantum technologies: the time to discuss risks is now

A huge race is on to develop quantum technologies. It's important to consider the potential security and economic implications of quantum science breakthroughs, write Professor James Der Derian and Dr Stuart Rollo from the Centre for International Security Studies.
16 July 2024

Past shootings of US presidents led to new gun controls - will this one?

David Smith, Associate Professor in American Politics and Foreign Policy in the Discipline of Government and International Relations, looks into the history of the AR-15 rifle and attempts at gun control in America.
12 July 2024

Why real wages have fallen in Australia but risen in most other OECD countries

A changing workforce and the shift to enterprise bargaining have held back real wage growth, writes Professor John Buchanan.
18 June 2024

Tight-knit communities can prevent environmental progress

New research indicates that strong community bonds could hinder rather than help environmental initiatives.
13 June 2024

The new power and politics of comedy

Dr Benjamin Nickl, a humour expert from the School of Languages and Cultures, and his co-author Dr Mark Rolfe, Honorary Lecturer at UNSW, discuss the politicisation of comedy in the new academic book The Moral Dimensions of Humour.
11 June 2024

Is age verification for pornography access reliable? Research suggests no

A new study by Professor Alan McKee and Dr Zahra Stardust (QUT) suggests that age assurance technologies restricting access to pornography are unreliable and ineffective, and that there are better, evidence-based alternatives to facilitate access to diverse and healthy representations of sexuality online.
31 May 2024

Donald Trump verdict: experts explain

University of Sydney experts offer opinions on the guilty verdict for Donald Trump, who is now the first US President, serving or former, to have been convicted of a crime.
23 May 2024

Age verification for social media: Do kids and parents even want it?

Age verification for social media would impact all of us. Dr Justine Humphry, Dr Catherine Page Jeffery, Dr Jonathon Hutchinson and Dr Olga Boichak from Media and Communications investigate the efficacy and risks of age-checking technologies and whether there are better approaches to mitigating online harms affecting young people.
20 May 2024

The tentacles of retracted science reach deep into social media. A simple button could change that.

On social media, health myths based on debunked science abound. A new tool could be social media's best defence against misinformation.
15 May 2024

University signs MOUs with Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health and Institute of Development Studies

The University of Sydney has today signed two Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with the Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) Department of Health and Institute of Development Studies.
01 May 2024

Where to next in Australia's battle with Elon Musk and X?

Professor Terry Flew, in Digital Communications and Culture, says the Australian government's battle with Elon Musk and X over violent content appears admirable, but will it change anything for those vulnerable to its harm?
22 April 2024

Fake news and misinformation: Sydney universities launch new database

Terry Flew, Professor of Digital Communication and Culture, leads a team of researchers working to combat misinformation, fake news and disinformation online.
27 March 2024

University of Sydney researchers to inform government on jobs, skills and immigration

Three University of Sydney academics have had their research expertise recognised with appointments to councils informing Australian government policy in the critical areas of jobs and skilled immigration policy.
18 March 2024

Professor Fleur Johns appointed as Head of School and Dean of Sydney Law School

Professor Fleur Johns is returning to Sydney Law School, where she started her prestigious academic career. She commences in Semester 1, 2025. Professor Johns is committed to research excellence and educational innovation, and is dedicated to enhancing student experience, learning and well-being.
27 February 2024

Crowdfunding key to defending and rebuilding Ukraine

Dr Olga Boichak, senior lecturer in Digital Cultures in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, explores how Ukrainians are innovating from the battlefield to the digital frontlines, to take the fight to a much better equipped and better funded enemy.
27 February 2024

Why Egypt refuses to open its border to Palestinians

Gazans attempting to shelter in Rafah are not permitted to cross the border into Egypt. Liyana Kayali, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Sydney, explains why.
15 February 2024

Looking towards the future of biomedical research and innovation

Researchers, clinicians, industry, government and philanthropic partners have come together to celebrate the future of biomedical research in Australia, with construction of the state-of-the-art Sydney Biomedical Accelerator set to begin this year.
31 January 2024

What will stop the Houthis?

Sarah G. Phillips, Professor of Global Conflict and Development and non-resident fellow at the Sana'a Centre for Strategic Studies in Yemen, explains why the Houthi militant group will not stop their attacks on ships in the Rea Sea.
25 January 2024

Centralised social networks potentially hinder innovation

Social systems where influence is centred around one or two individuals can lead to pack mentality and group think in farming communities, according to new research.
18 January 2024

Beyond GDP: Mental wealth readies societies for mega-threats

World-leading experts from industry, science, health, technology, and economics gathered in Davos, Switzerland, this week to discuss how nations can overcome the global challenges to true prosperity including war and climate change.