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25 January 2023

University appoints new Director, Museums and Cultural Engagement

Michael Dagostino is the new Director of Museums and Cultural Engagement, looking after the Chau Chak Wing Museum and Seymour Centre, and other cultural outreach activities.
19 January 2023

Performing Nazism: Why would you wear the Holocaust like a costume?

Ahead of Holocaust Memorial Day, Dr Benjamin Nickl, in the School of Languages and Cultures, explores the use of Nazi uniforms in popular culture. He argues that Nazi costumes can wear out our moral responsibility.
18 January 2023

Lunar New Year 2023: What does the Year of the Rabbit mean?

Associate Professor Xiaohuan Zhao, from Chinese Studies in the School of Languages and Culture, shares what it means to be born in a Year of the Rabbit.
12 January 2023

How to get the most out of sculpting with sand

One of the things kids love most about the beach is the chance to play with sand. Not only does it make excellent material to play with, but it is versatile, cheap, and widely available. Dr Sanne Mestrom, senior lecturer at Sydney College of the Arts, explains how to make the most of it this summer.
13 December 2022

A remedy for life

Author Ruth Wilson's quest to 'thoroughly understand her own heart', as Jane Austen wrote in her novel Emma, led her to study a PhD in her eighties and to pen a memoir which highlights a lifetime of lessons learnt from Austen's novels.
05 December 2022

New Contemporaries 2022

Sydney College of the Arts' New Contemporaries exhibition returns to highlight the work of this year's graduating cohort.
22 November 2022

Australian TV News still lacking cultural diversity despite some progress

The second 'report card' on Indigenous and cultural diversity in Australian television news has revealed small pockets of progress but a long journey ahead, particularly for commercial stations.
16 November 2022

Robo-marking in Australian schools: no school left behind

Automated grading technologies could soon be rolled out in Australian schools but without robust national guidelines and an independent advisory body, some schools could be left behind.
15 November 2022

This new ‘risky’ playground is a work of art

Senior Lecturer Dr Sanne Mestrom, from the Sydney College of the Arts, explores the work of artist Mike Hewson, who has created a 'risky' new children's playground in Melbourne's Southbank.
09 November 2022

Ruth Bader Ginsburg theatre production is beautifully crafted

Associate Professor Penelope Crossley, from the Law School, reviews a thrilling one woman play about American Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, presented by Sydney Theatre Company.
08 November 2022

Sanne Mestrom's sculptures invite play

The Art Gallery of New South Wales has acquired a work by Dr Sanné Mestrom, from Sydney College of the Arts, which repositions sculpture as art for play. The Offering will be exhibited in one of the garden spaces of the Gallery's new building, opening 3 December 2022.
01 November 2022

Lego Tutankhamun marks century-old discovery of king's tomb

A Lego replication of Tutankhamun's coffin on display at the University of Sydney's Chau Chak Wing Museum marks the 100th anniversary of the discovery of the king's tomb.
31 October 2022

Archaeological artefacts found on Norfolk Island

An archaeological dig on Norfolk Island has uncovered two Polynesian adzes (stone axes) and hundreds of flakes dating back to pre-European settlement.
19 October 2022

Everything at stake during the upcoming US midterm elections

Associate Professor David Smith is a senior lecturer in American Politics and Foreign Policy. He is jointly appointed between the United States Studies Centre and the School of Social and Political Sciences. 

12 October 2022

Religious bullying in the school playground and how to combat it

Religion-based bullying is increasing in Australian schools. A new book and report urge school principals to value religious education programs to promote intercultural understanding.
11 October 2022

Museum of Contemporary Art former director awarded Doctor of Letters

The University of Sydney awarded Elizabeth Ann Macgregor AM OBE an honorary doctorate in recognition of her immense dedication to the arts and the Museum of Contemporary Art.
07 October 2022

The Magic Flute

Mozart's final opera, The Magic Flute, transports audiences to a fantastical world of serpents, princesses, trials and mysteries. Good and evil battle, and truth and resolution are elusive. The final year performance is presented by students from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and the National Institute of Dramatic Art.
05 October 2022

Conspiracy theories thrive on YouTube, new study

A new study by social media researchers at the University of Sydney and QUT has found conspiracy theories are thriving on YouTube despite the platform's efforts to harden posting rules and guidelines.
05 October 2022

SHE Robots

Women are rethinking how they can participate in a traditionally male-dominated area and how to integrate robots into traditional feminine practices. Ongoing research and a new exhibition led by academics from the School of Architecture, Design and Planning reveal how women are radically reshaping robotics.
04 October 2022

When art inspires engineering

Could the interface between art and science be more than just a source of inspiration and instead be used to unlock new scientific approaches?