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2020: all news


20 November 2020

Sydney has the most influential academics in Australia

Two academic rankings lists published recently cement the University of Sydney's position as a world leader in research.
20 November 2020

Fast weight loss and healthy lifestyle provides diabetes hope

A new global study combining fast weight loss, healthy eating and physical activity has been more successful than any previous diabetes prevention study.
20 November 2020

The untapped potential of soil carbon

For National Agriculture Day this year we are highlighting the work of our world-class soil scientists who are rethinking how the Earth's skin - our living soil - can be used in the fight to control climate change.
19 November 2020

Sydney academics recognised for workplace health and wellbeing research

A team of researchers at the University of Sydney Business School have been recognised in the inaugural Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC) awards for innovation and excellence in research.
19 November 2020

Dr Michael Spence's farewell oration

Dr Michael Spence AC is currently the Vice-Chancellor and Principal of the University of Sydney. He is leaving Sydney next month to take up the role of President and Provost of UCL in London. This is a copy of his farewell oration.
19 November 2020

Top of his game

After truly transforming the University of Sydney, Dr Michael Spence AC will soon leave Sydney for a new position in London.
19 November 2020

Jumping the queue to buy a COVID-19 vaccine comes at a price

You may be able to buy a COVID vaccine ahead of the government rollout. But jumping the queue comes at a price writes Associate Professor Barbara Mintzes and colleagues.
19 November 2020

Battery-storage 'living lab' wins AFR Higher Education Award

The University of Sydney has won the inaugural AFR Higher Education Award-Sustainability for supporting chemist Thomas Maschmeyer and his game-changing innovations, including a solar light bench prototype rolled out on campus.

18 November 2020

Is it time for Australians to stop cooking with gas?

It is time for a serious rethink on the way many of us cook and heat our homes, writes Dr Madeline Taylor and Professor Susan Park from the Sydney Environment Institute.
18 November 2020

Our unis need international students and must choose the high or low road

It is right that we have a robust debate about the international student presence on our campuses, writes Professor John Shields (Academic Director, International at the University of Sydney Business School).