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2020: all news


04 June 2020

Could manufacturing aid Australia's economic recovery?

Following a federal government call for the reignition of domestic industrial activity, University of Sydney experts comment on the role of advanced manufacturing and boosting the digital workforce in Australia's post-coronavirus economy.
03 June 2020

We all have a responsibility to call out racism: Vice-Chancellor

Today the Vice-Chancellor Dr Michael Spence AC wrote to the University of Sydney community, about his reflections on racism during National Reconciliation Week.
02 June 2020

Winter time could be COVID-19 time

Study shows we could be facing increased risks in winter months when humidity is low. New research in Veterinary Science has found a link between COVID-19 and lower humidity. Vigilance must be maintained.
01 June 2020

Forget 'murder hornets', European wasps are beheading Aussie flies

Invasive European wasps have been captured ruthlessly competing over carcasses, including decapitating blowflies and bullying dingoes.
01 June 2020

COVID-19 restrictions came at the right time: new study

A data analytics study from the University of Sydney suggests the timing of COVID-19 restrictions in Australia stopped a significant growth in infections. The techniques used could help guide decision-making during the pandemic.
29 May 2020

COVID-19 moved teaching online, but students & staff continue to thrive

Semester 1, 2020 has been like no other in recent history for both students and staff at the University of Sydney.
28 May 2020

Rural life not as active as you think: new study

Rural Australians need support to 'get moving', according to researchers from the University of Sydney who have published a review finding those in rural areas are just as physically inactive as their city counterparts.
27 May 2020

2020 versus 1919: is COVID-19 as bad as the ‘Spanish’ flu?

Dr Peter Hobbins, a leading expert on the history of the 'Spanish' flu in Australia, reckons with pandemics past and present - including their silver linings.
27 May 2020

Repatriating unexpected treasures in Arnhem Land

To mark National Reconciliation Week, we explore the unusual, fascinating career of University of Sydney archaeologist Professor Annie Clarke.
26 May 2020

Scientists synthesise tick spit protein for first time

Using the properties of naturally occurring proteins offers huge potential for new medicines. Charlotte Franck in Professor Richard Payne's lab has for the first time made the anti-inflammatory evasin proteins found in tick saliva.